Author: Alia Wayne

How A Surf Camp Trip Can Really Boost Your Health?

Mostly, when we are hearing the talk about the surfing world, the first representative people for that surely will be the surfers themselves. As if all the activities are only for those who are love riding the waves and not for everyone. But if you are getting to know about the surf camp, you will know that it has not actually been limited and everyone can joining in especially when whoever needs to find the ways to boost their health while traveling.

Health benefits of surf camp

Surfing is fun and challenging. Both sides aren’t debatable. So does its health benefits for our self. And, the surf camp itself will be one of the surf activity with positive vibes as well that can boost our health to be better, physically and mentally.

How is it possible for a surf camp to boost your health?

Let me tell you one basic thing about the surf camp. It is not about how you can set up the camping on the sea, haven’t heard about that. But if you are thinking about camping at the beach, it is even closer to what the surf camp is.

A surf camp trip is a kind of how you are traveling with surfing focus activity while trained by the professional instructor. In general, it is a course where each class can contain of some surf students (not reaching up to 10 person).

I have said before that surfing itself can be challenging and fun at the same time. Both things are the benefits as well for our health. But if you want to know more about what are the other real benefits when you are in a surf camp course, then here they are:

  1. You will be in a surf “course” camp with the others, that will be the perfect time to make a friend as usual. And we have been knowing that friendship is always good to boost our happiness and reduce the stress. Who knows that your new friends can also encourage you to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle?
  2. Surf camp will allow you to practice surfing itself since it is the main thing you will need to mastered. While you are doing that, you will find that surfing itself will make most of your body parts moved and that will be the great exercise to boost your health as well.
  3. Mostly, surfing will be recommended in the morning and in the afternoon. That will be the prime times for exercising.
  4. Did you know that surfing is still being used to help people with autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc? Exercising itself is good for our mental and soul while being on surf camp itself will also be good for both of that.
  5. Vitamin sea. Surf camp will mostly let you exercise on the beach at the sea. Being at outdoor especially when you are surfing in the morning will surely good for your bone because you will get the positive benefits of vitamin D. Just make sure that you are bringing the sunscreen as well so your skin won’t get burned.

A surf camp itself has its own benefits to boost your health while the trip will also contributing the same things for your health as well. And now, there have been many surf schools that are accepting any kind of ages to start knowing and mastering the surfing skills. It is really a recommended trip for everyone.

Surviving Long Flight with Your Back Pain

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable during a flight. However, back pain is one of the most common things travelers experience when sitting for extended period of time. Therefore, it will cause such a huge discomfort when you have to travel to a place requiring long flight. The long flight itself can cause back pain. And if you have already suffered from it, it may get worse. Thus, you need to do something to alleviate your back pain while flying.

Deal with back pain during the long flight

Dealing with back pain during a long flight

Sometimes it is inevitable for you to take a flight since you have some places to be. Even though when you are currently suffering from back pain, you need to go on with the plan and survive the flight like it or not.

Sometimes, long flight can cause back pain even you were totally fine before. Sitting for too long or being in incorrect position can cause major back pain. If you need to deal with it during your long flight, there are some tips to alleviate it if you need ones.

If your back pain is already there before travel, make sure to visit your physician to find out whether or not you can make it. Even if your physician allows you to travel and having a long flight, they may recommend some products to lessen the pain. They may also recommend you to so some stretches during the flight so your back won’t get any worse.

If you choose to stretches carelessly, it may cause severe problems to your health. That’s why consulting your physician before is highly advised.

During your flight, you can try some products to alleviate your back pain. For example, you can use stretch straps or resistance bands. They only take up a little space in your luggage. In fact, you can carry them in your carry-on. Use them for stretching out while you wait to board your flight. Or, you can also use them during your rest in your hotel room.

Another product you can use to alleviate back pain during your trip is posture correctors. Poor posture can cause back pain especially when you carry heavy weight on your shoulders, or when you sit incorrectly. Thus, you can use posture correctors in a form of neck pillow to help with spine alignment. You can use it during your flight so you can survive.

You can also try Kinesiology Tape or KT especially when your back pain is caused by muscle stress or strain. It helps improving your blood circulation in your cells. Make sure to learn how to apply it when you are still at home.

It is recommended to stretch before the flight such as side bends, rotations, and extensions. You are also recommended to stretch during the flight while in sitting position such as seated knee pulls, straight-arm dip, seated lumbar rotation, and seated figure four stretch. Stretches in standing position include side steps, pelvic tilts, sciatic nerve gliding, or standing psoas stretch. As for post-flight, you can perform press ups.

How to Start A Successful Travel Business in Bali

There were stories about how easy or hard it was to star a new business in Bali. For the local people or many of the Indonesian people, sometimes, it can be harder knowing that you should have been prepared a lot of money just to rent a small building or shop. But for the foreigners, sometimes the business can be cheaper than doing it in their own origin country.

Starting a successful travel business in Bali the right ways

But no matter where the side your business stories were stand before, starting a successful travel business in Bali can be challenging for most of the people apart from how small or much money you have been got.

You should have been realized that the travel business in Bali have been started years ago and there are so many businessmen from various countries. So, if you are starting a travel business, you are truly diving into an international business “high” competition. Just tell me that what I just told you is not a true.

Starting a successful travel business in Bali the right ways

Starting a successful travel business in Bali will be great for the future business development. But even if you have been started it long ago but not the successful one apparently, there are still ways to make it works. You still got a chance for that as long as you have never lose the hope and try to use the new ways or strategies that can really help your business.

1. Build your own travel website with frequently updated fresh contents

Most of the people including travelers are using search engines to search where they are going to spend the holidays and which travel package should be bought along the accommodation to stay, etc. So do they who are interesting to visit Bali. They can be thankful to find your travel offers since they are so much affordable with high quality of services.

Making a website for your travel business in Bali is also an official way to tell your customers that they can reach you through various online platform. It is also a good way to introduce and build your business brand on internet. If there will be a business today especially the travel business in Bali that has no official website at all, I think that you will not only lose many customers but your business will not bu trusted as well.

2. Build the active social media accounts for your travel business in Bali

Reaching audiences on internet also means to make use of the existing audiences on social media to be your customers or the ones that will keep on interacting with your social media profiles.

Besides search engines, many internet users are also using social media to update and searching for the travel information. In many cases, a thing that is viral on social media and relates to the traveling world in Bali can even be the reason why they want to visit certain destination, staying in a certain hotel room, etc.

Social media is also a place where your travel business in Bali can influencing more people to do something as you have been ordered them.

3. Hire a digital marketing agency in Bali

One of the strategy to start a successful travel business in Bali is to collaborate with another relevant businesses. For this case, if you want to get helps in marketing your travel business online because you can’t really do all the things just by yourself is to decide which digital marketing agency Bali your business would like to hire.

The digital marketing agency can even help you to make a better website, better social media reach, build your brand, working with ads platforms and many more.

It is a business to business strategy that many of us calling it as the B2B way and this way should works ever since many of the other businesses have been doing this for years.

If you are paying attention to the above three ways in starting a new successful travel business in Bali, then you would like to take a conclusion that the strategies I am talking about are how you will reach and get customers using digital platforms. That’s the true and you should have been involved your business since the beginning so it can really easy to be developed in future.