6 Simple Improvements to Add Value on Bali Houses for Sale

Got Bali houses for sale in your list? Don’t just sell your house as it is. Fix it and flip it. Invest on a well-thought remodelling project to add more value to the property and gain high return on the sales. This is how you should do it.

Invite Realtor and Interior Designer to Your Bali Houses for Sale

Before doing any major refurbishing to your Bali houses for sale, you will need a professional evaluation throughout the house. Invite a realtor to estimate the value of the house and discuss any necessary reparation. They can give you an updated information on what is happening in your local property market, the general pricing, and the condition of competing property. Then, talk with professional interior designers to discuss about house remodelling. In just an hour or two, they can give you lots of ideas to improve the house. Even small suggestion like lighting or painting can go a long way on improving the look and feel of the house.

Inspect Any Major Renovation Necessary

Why selling a broken house for cheap price when a fixed one can give you multiplied profit? Invite a house inspector or builder for a thorough checkup down to hidden areas in the house you don’t normally see. They might spot more hidden problems such as water leak, improper surface grading, or more.

Design A Concept for Each Bali Houses for Sale

Design A Concept for Each Bali Houses for Sale

Concept speaks value. The price of a house with clear and unique concept can skyrocketing than houses with standard design in the same location. You can either demolish the house to undergo a major renovation that changes the model of the house entirely, or you can do a small-scale, high impact to suit the concept of the house. Example of the latter are changes in the model of front door, elimination of walls, folding glass doors installation, floor changes, and more. Make sure to discuss with a professional designer to create a clear concept that sell well. 

New Paint, Always

The simplest and most effective cosmetic improvement for any Bali houses for sale; new painting. A fresh painting give even old houses a clean and updated look, and that means more value to the house. Don’t be afraid to put some accent to your painting—but keep in mind to stick on neutral colours. The more neutral it is, the larger audience it appeals.  

Put Half of the Focus on Kitchen Remodelling

Put Half of the Focus on Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen still holds the major attention of buyers when it comes to purchasing a house. Buyer often look at the kitchen as one of the deciding factor whether the house is worth the price. People loves to have an upgraded kitchen without paying another loads of money after purchasing a house. Moreover, you don’t have to spend big fortune for kitchen remodelling to get big return. Some minor modernisation of kitchen countertop, cabinets, and sink upgrade could recoup more than 80% of its cost! 

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Maintain the Garden

Want to make your buyers feels like they are landing on a deal? Invest some efforts in garden landscaping. Plant some shrubs and colourful plants to boost the appeal of the house. According to  Post Office Money, a proper landscaping could significantly add value to your house up to 77%. So don’t miss this cost-effective opportunity to improve your Bali houses for sale and attract more potential buyers.