Minimizing Environmental Damage When Camping In The Open

Minimizing Environmental Damage When Camping In The Open

Camping is such a fun and relaxing activity you can do to get away from the hustle bustle of big cities. It is a great retreat you can do by yourself or with other who share similar interest on camping. This activity also allows you access to many things such as fishing sports beautiful hiking. Camping is one of the best thing to do when you need to relax and unwind. However, camping can also cause damage to the environment. It is important to learn how to do it sustainably and more responsibly.

Keeping the environment in mind when camping

Going into nature by camping, there is a risk that you cause damage to it. Therefore, it is very encourage for campers today to be more aware of the environment and practice good habits that are more sustainable such as adopting green electricity, less plastic waste, food from regional producers, etc. Here are things you can do for more sustainable camping:

Consider using solar energy

It is encourage to use electronic devices as less as possible for camping. If you really need them, choose the ones that can be charged with solar energy. You may also consider packing energy-saving lighting such as the ones in the form of LED bulbs. These are consider cleaner alternatives that are less damaging to the planet while still providing the power you need to survive in the open. 

Don’t litter

You should not add litter to the problems our Earth is facing. It has to deal with excessive waste every day. Hence, don’t litter your campsite and take it with you when you return. It is even encouraged to leave the campground in better condition than before your visit. If you see litters around your campsite, collect them in trash bags and put them in trash bins. Or take them with you and throw them when you find trash bin on your way home. 

Pay attention to fire restrictions

Every campsite usually have their fire restriction. Pay attention to it and have a safe fire during your camp. Some campfire provide fire rings you can use. If you need wood to make fire, go for fallen timber instead of cutting wood off trees. Use camping stoves to cook if you have fire restrictions. And use lanterns to provide lights. Pack extra clothing to keep you warm as well. 

Ride a bike or walk to explore 

It is best to ride a bike or walk if you want to explore the place. Avoid getting into your car because it will only add more carbon emission to the environment. By riding a bike or walking, you have more opportunity to enjoy fresh air and discover many beautiful things. 

Choose local products

Discover regional delicacies by visiting small, local restaurant to have your lunch or dinner while camping. Or, you can also cook your meals and use the local products from the local markets. It is a great way to make contribution to the local and focus on sustainability. 

Why Your Oily Skin will Love Organic Toner

Why Your Oily Skin will Love Organic Toner

Many people have oily skin, which can make their faces look shinier, expand and clog pores, and create blackheads and acne. Toners can help oily skin avoid breakouts by removing excess oil. Toners are one choice for oily-skinned folks. On the other hand, toners come in a variety of compositions to suit different skin types, making it difficult to choose the right one. Problem is, the majority of toners on the market contain alcohol and other ingredients that might harm your skin over time. If you have oily skin and are scared to use chemical toners, try organic toners that are formulated without oil-stripping ingredients and harsh irritants. 

Are You Still Avoiding Toner? 

People with oily skin are prone to using blotting sheets, refining cleansers, and pore-tightening face masks, but toners can effectively battle oils and minimise breakouts without irritating or drying the skin.

Your Oily Skin Does Need Toner!

Toners are beneficial for oily skin since they penetrate the pores to provide a deeper cleanse and assist to balance your complexion. They can remove excess oil, prevent blackheads, and exfoliate, all of which are frequent problems for oily, acne-prone skin. Consider a high-quality toner your oily skin’s new partner in crime, from balancing our skin’s pH levels to complementing the glow-inducing efforts of the rest of your skincare routine.

What is Toner, Actually? 

What is Toner, Actually

Toner is a liquid skin care solution that has a similar viscosity to water. A toner can do a variety of things depending on its contents and formulation:

  • Exfoliate the skin to balance out skin tone
  • Eliminate impurities
  • Reduce clogged pores.
  • Prepare the skin to accept other skin care products 
  • Hydrating the skin

While toners have traditionally been used to prevent breakouts by eliminating excess oil, today’s toners also include ingredients that nourish, brighten, and repair the skin.

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Shopping Organic Toner for Your Oily Skin

When looking for a toner, take into account your skin’s other qualities. Do you have combination skin that can be dry at times? Are you prone to breakouts or are particular components irritating to your skin? (If this is the case, you should conduct a patch test before utilizing it on a regular basis.) There are also a range of solutions available to suit any budget, so keep that in mind as you conduct your research. It’s better to use organic toner if you have oily skin, especially if you want a healthier option for your skin. For maximum health, oily skin requires specific attention to ensure that the skin’s own sebum is correctly regulated. Organic skincare products created with substances that remove excess oil and help prevent the overproduction of oils in the skin that can contribute to blemishes are ideal for oily and/or combo skin. You can find various organic toner in the UK alone—both from drugstore or online stores. No more excuses to not starting to treat your skin with the care it deserve!

Quirky Countries To Be Your Travel Destinations

Every destination has its own unique points that can put a smile on people or make them hesitate to visit. Regardless, every place has different unique points due to differences in culture and historical background. Keep in mind that your trip is your choice. Hence, you can visit even the weirdest place on earth if you like. As long as you take precaution to keep yourself safe, it is exciting to go to places with unique quirks, such as the following countries below.



This is such a quirky travel destination you can visit. This is the country where chess is the compulsory object in school. It is part of the curriculum for primary school just like math and history. During your visit, there might be locals who challenge you to play chess. Don’t expect too much to win and just enjoy the game. Also, this is the place where you get to view a piece of Noah’s Ark in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral Museum. 



Bhutanese has philosophy that says ‘We do not believe in Gross national Product. Gross National Happiness is more important’. It is a place where you get to encounter people who care about happiness in their lives since they have many things to be happy about. Many quirky points can be seen here such as the huge, decorative phallic symbols that adorn temples, government buildings, and houses. Not to mention that they serve chili as a full meal. 



This is a country nestled between Poland and Russia, often opted for isolation and reclusive retreat. Aside from fairy castles, there are also concrete states that sit atop rolling hills and studded with traditional windmills. If you like quirky, spooky things, might as well visit Museum of Malformations of the Human Body. It is situated in the basement of the Grodno Medical State University Belarus. For your information, Minks, the capital city of the country has been burned down 18 times. 



Many people view this country as weird due to their quirky points. For example, there is national drink made from fermented horse milk. Also, there is the nation’s popular dish called Kazy which is made from horse meat that is smoked. There is another quirky thing in the country, which is a sport called Buzkashi that has the meaning ‘grabbing the dead goat’. this games literally involves headless carcass of a goat.

North Korea

North Korea

Lots of people may feel a little bit hesitant to visit this one country due to its situation and culture. One of the quirky point is that you can only enter the country through Beijing. However, it is relatively safe to visit this country as traveler. You will be accompanied by two state-employed guides and listen tot heir explanation about the country’s history. You will be under surveillance during your visit. And you will only see what the government allows you to. To travel to this country safely, make sure to take note of which activities and circumstances are not covered by your travel insurance. 


6 Reasons Why You Need to Make the Switch to Organic Skincare

6 Reasons Why You Need to Make the Switch to Organic Skincare

Toxins are harmful to our health in some way, and we all know it. Why are we so relaxed about putting toxins on our skin while we avoid swallowing them? Many of the materials we use topically are absorbed via the skin and into the body. Thus people are becoming more conscious of what they put on their skin. When we consider how quickly the chemicals included in many mainstream skincare products may be absorbed into our bodies, we can see how our beauty choices can have a significant impact on our general health and well-being. This is why you need to make the switch to organic skincare for your skin regimen starting from now. 

Avoid Questionable Animal-Derived Ingredients from A Skincare

Humans have devised some incredible methods for incorporating unwelcome animal materials into common things. Urine, ground hooves, insects, and a variety of other ingredients have been found in cosmetics and other beauty items. Why would you want to put these ingredients on your skin, where they can be absorbed into your body, if you wouldn’t consume them?

Avoid Harsh Irritants with An All-Organic Skincare

Avoid Harsh Irritants with An All Organic Skincare

While adopting to organic skincare benefits people of all skin types, people with skin sensitivities benefit the most. Artificial scents, alcohol, parabens, and synthetic foaming agents, all of which are prominent in traditional skincare products, are known to cause skin irritations and allergies. Switching to a natural skincare routine will eliminate the great majority of common irritants from your routine, lowering the likelihood of flare-ups and helping to heal and soothe skin sensitivities naturally.

Avoid Harsh Ingredients that Strips Your Natural Oils & Skin Barriers

Natural skincare, in addition to being beneficial to sensitive and dry skin, can also help oily and acne-prone skin. Many traditional acne-fighting skincare solutions contain sulphates and other harsh chemicals that deplete the skin’s natural oils. Acne is caused by an excess of oils in the skin, which causes clogged pores, which subsequently become infected with bacteria. These chemicals give oily skin an almost instantaneous “clean” feeling. However, what they’re really doing is stripping the skin of its valuable natural oils—a protective layer that locks in moisture and keeps bacteria and free radicals away. These ingredients may be drying out the acne-causing oils by depriving the face of these oils, but we’re also drying out the oils our skin requires to function at its best. This causes our bodies’ oil production to go into overdrive, bringing us back to square one.

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Natural Components for Radiant Skin

Natural Components for Radiant Skin

Are you fed up with battling your sensitive skin? Finding a skin care routine that works for you, whether you have acne, eczema, rosacea, or skin that is excessively dry or oily, may be a nightmare. Vegan products with natural components might help you attain a smooth, radiant complexion if you want to give your skin a break.

The Price is Not Much Different from Non-Vegan Products

Even if all of these arguments for purchasing vegan and all-natural skincare are compelling, some buyers will be unable to do so if the prices are too high. The good news is that vegan beauty products are comparable to other goods on the market in terms of price. There’s no reason to select a beauty product that contains harsh substances and causes pain over a vegan product when you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A lot of organic and vegan skincare brands are now available in the market, so making the switch should be a lot easier!

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Organic Skincare Products is Safer for Body-Absorption

We must be cautious about what we put on our skin because it is the greatest organ in our body. Chemicals and poisons are filtered via the liver and kidneys when we eat or drink, preventing them from causing significant harm. The frightening aspect about our skin is that whatever we put on it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated freely throughout the body.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why vegan beauty products are superior to those that contain animal substances or have been tested in an inhumane manner. You may feel good about not only protecting innocent lives and the environment, but also about giving your skin the natural care it deserves!

Fun Things To Do When Visiting Seoul, Korea

Fun Things To Do When Visiting Seoul, Korea

South Korea is one of the most visited destinations that has drawn in so many people around the world each year. It is a good time to plan a visit to Korea now since the situation with covid-19 is getting better. As long as you follow safety protocols then there is no need to worry about travelling to this beautiful country. Seoul is highly recommended to visit because there are so many places to explore. There are many attractions to visit. However, there are also quirky or let’s say silly things you can do while getting to know Korea more. 

Have some  exercise by climbing the stairs to Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village is a very iconic place to visit in Seoul, Korea. This village was set to be destroyed because it was seen as being too rundown. However, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism added murals to revitalize the area in 2016. There are arts almost everywhere such as on the stairs, rooftops, and walls. However, be mindful when enjoying your time because it is still a residential area. Hence, be considerate and respectful to the residences living in the village. 

Indulge your taste buds at Museum Kimchikan

Restaurants and street vendors are not the only places in Korea you can visit to get to know more their culinary scene. At Museum Kimchikan, you can have a taste of authentic Korean kimchi. This is a museum dedicated to kimchi. It is such an important food in Korean culture and history so having a museum to dedicate it is far from being too extra. You will learn more information about kimchi and its significance to Korea. You will also learn more about the making process of kimchi and of course, taste some of them. 

Simple life by eating ramyeon at convenience store

There have been a trend in social media of how Korean love spending their time at convenience store by eating ramyeon, making their own coffee, or finishing their school works. You can also try this one Korean experience by visiting one of the convenience store and make yourself a ramyeon. Aside from ramyeon, there are more foods and drinks you can try since convenience store is Korea is pretty complete. There are also various tools for you to prepare your own foods and drinks freely. 

Have fun at Noraebang

Noraebang is karaoke room Korean people like to rent to have fun. Renting a singing room in Korea is such an experience because you can find it practically everywhere, especially in big city like Seoul. You can search for Korean or English songs to sing from the machine and just sing your heart out without a care in the world. You might have seen this scene in a Korean drama. And it is time for you to experience it in real life. Hence, don’t be a shy bean and just have fun. Don’t forget to jump around and dance to the songs you like to amplify the experience. 

Why You Need to Go for Scuba Diving Bali in 2022!

Why You Need to Go for Scuba Diving Bali in 2022

There’s always something special about Bali. This marvellous island is home to some of the most stunning beaches, breathtaking rice terraces and landscapes, rich and preserved cultural heritage, and scrumptious local and international dishes. After all, the island is known as the “Island of the Gods” for solid reasons. But there’s something more about the underwater—and it’s going to suck your oxygen tank dry from simply thinking about it. Here’s why you need to include scuba diving in Bali for your 2022 travel plan and why you’ll love every second of it. 

Bali is the Perfect Scuba Diving Destination for All Levels

Bali’s dive locations are suitable for both novice and experienced divers. Consider Bali to be the sushi train of scuba diving. There are simple selections as well as more lavish ones that are only consumed by the gastronomically daring. Bali, like the famous sushi train, offers a variety of sites to explore at your leisure. You can enjoy any snorkeling and diving experiences in Bali; from shore dives to deep-sea drift experiences, muck diving to wooden wrecks.

The Crazy Rich Biodiversity of Marine Life You Can See Underwater!

Bali is situated in the “Coral Triangle,” which, as its name suggests, is a region rich in coral reefs and home to the world’s richest marine biodiversity. Diving in Bali allows you to see healthy and diverse coral reefs, magnificent gorgonians, and a variety of sponges, as well as hundreds of tropical fish species.

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Amazing Muck Diving and Macro Life!

Bali is a volcanic island with great muck and macro diving options for underwater photographers, as well as various shore dive sites that are ideal for beginners. The waters of Bali are teeming with colorful little creatures for macro and underwater photographers. Open your eyes and look for ghost fish, leaf fish, frog fish, pygmy seahorses, fiery cuttlefish, and even the mimic octopus. You might also expect to come across unusual nudibranch species that will make excellent photo subjects.

More Dive Sites to Dive Than You Can Visit in One Trip

Do you know that Bali has over forty dive sites scattered along the island and in the nearby Nusa Penida, Ceningan, and Lembongan? From the famous Tulamben with its majestic wreck in shallow depth to the Shark Cave in secluded Gili Tepekong, Bali never runs out of dive sites. A number of dive spots may be found around the island’s east coast as well as in the northwest. Dive destinations on Nusa Penida and the neighboring tiny islands are also easily accessible from Bali. You will need more than one trip to explore every amazing dive sites that this island treasures. 

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One of Few Places in the World to See the Rare and Perplexing Mola Mola Sunfish

One of Few Places in the World to See the Rare and Perplexing Mola Mola Sunfish

The Mola Mola is the largest and most adorable – but undeniably the ugliest – star of Bali’s aquatic realm. Mola Molas, also known as Ocean Sunfish, are abundant in Bali. These wide-eyed and gaping-mouthed fish, which are often compared to huge swimming heads, grow to enormous sizes and weigh more than any other bony fish in the water – adult Mola can weigh up to 1000 kilograms.

The Sunfish, as its name suggests, enjoy catching some rays on the ocean’s surface—even when they spend most of its life in the ocean’s twilight zone. And with so many blue-sky days, Bali is the ideal destination for these Vitamin D seekers!

Traveling Around Countries To Attend Exciting Music Festivals

It has been a very long time seen we see actual music scene where artists perform in front of the crowds and have fun together. Since the global pandemic hit, music scene has been shifted where music enthusiasts can only enjoy watching performance online or through virtual live streaming. However, the situation with the global pandemic has slowly gotten better with vaccination rates that keep increasing. There have been concerts in some places that are held on real stages with real audiences. Of course, they take precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Lollapalooza - music festival

Exciting music festivals you can visit next year

Since 2021 is going to an end soon, might as well planning your next year vacation. You might have some places in mind or on your bucket list to visit for next year. And if you are an avid fan of music, you might consider watching music festivals in these countries around the world:

Secret Stage Festival

This exciting music festival is going to be held in Birmingham, Alabama on August 6th – 7th 2021. this is such an unusual performance because the concept itself is like full of secrecy to attract more audience to join. The festival itself doesn’t take place in a singular designated locations. In fact, there will be around 60 bands performing at neighborhood establishments located within two blocks. While enjoying each stage, you can also take a break by checking out various local restaurants and shops in Birmingham.


This is one of the biggest annual music festivals in the world where so many big artists fill the stage. For next year, it will be held in Chicago, Illinois on July 29th – August 1st. This music festival will feature recording artists such as Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Lauv, Jack Harlow, Surfaces, and many more. This festival can host around 40,000 people each year. Make sure to be fast in snatching the tickets because they are usually sold out in just few days or even hours upon release. 

Telluride Jazz Festival

This music festival is going to be held next year in Telluride, Colorado on August 13th – 15th.  Telluride is one of the most popular destinations due to its amazing views and incredible scenery. People love the tranquility it brings when they stay for few days in this place. However, this place also host an amazing annual jazz music festival filled with the sounds of saxophones, trumpets, and clarinets. This is such a great opportunity for you who claim yourself an avid fan of jazz. 

Adirondack Independence Festival

This music festival is going to be held next year on Lake George, New York on September 3rd and 5th. It is specifically hosted at Charles R. Wood Park. This festival features plenty of undiscovered bands who are on festival tour. This festival is family friendly as well so you can even attend with your big group of friends or family. You can even sign up for morning hike before and waterskiing after the festival.

Raja Ampat Trip, West Papua’s Ultimate Pristine Paradise

Away from the skyscrapers, heavy traffic, flickering electric billboards, all the distractions of the modern city, you will find a pristine paradise. Where Mother Earth and warm friendly people welcome you with all the incredible wonders of Raja Ampat. Located in an archipelago district in the Province of West Papua all these spectacular wonders are truly places where words like beautiful, enchanting, majestic, and mesmerizing get their true physical meaning. Raja Ampat Trip is indeed the only way for you to enjoy all the beauty of heaven on earth. A place that is still isolated and difficult to reach with a limited budget but you must visit and feel the spectacular beauty.

Raja ampat trip, West Papua's Ultimate Pristine Paradise

Raja Ampat Trip & What You Need To Know

Before you get too excited to see an offer to Raja Ampat which is only 5 million, try asking the following questions first:

  • How many days is the trip duration? 3 with 6 days of course the difference is much huh!
  • How many participants? 10 or 20 people of course the price is different…
  • Are airport and port handling included in the services provided? Just FYI, porter fees at the airports and ports of Sorong and Waisai are quite expensive, you know! If you bring a suitcase, getting on a public boat at the port is a bit complicated if you don’t have the help of a porter. Because sometimes to board the ship we have to pass several other ships. The bridge to enter the ship is also generally small and its position is tilted.
  • Where is the meeting point? In Jakarta, Bali or in Sorong, or even in Waisai? If the meeting point is in Jakarta, accompanied by a tour leader from Jakarta (which means participants are charged with the tour leader’s PP flight ticket), the price will certainly be much different from the direct meeting point in Sorong, where the organizer is domiciled in Sorong.
  • From Sorong to Raja Ampat and vice versa by public boat or chartered speedboat This difference also makes for a stark price difference.
  • Where are the destinations? The most crucial thing to distinguish the price is, does it include Wayag? FYI, Wayag is the farthest destination. Rent a speedboat there is very expensive. Travel time with a fast speedboat can be 4 hours. And don’t get me wrong, many Raja Ampat trip now don’t include Wayag, so they can be cheap. There are some people who say to Raja Ampat it is enough to just go to Piaynemo. If you belong to this group, then you are pretentious, choose a cheaper trip that only reaches Piaynemo. But if you stick to the principle, you’ve been all the way to Raja Ampat and you haven’t gotten to Wayag. So take a Raja Ampat trip that includes Wayag in the itinerary, which of course costs more.
  • Does the trip cost include a pin/tag (environmental service fee) of IDR 500,000 for domestic tourists? There are also trip organizers who are naughty, they don’t require participants to pay this rate, even though it is mandatory, you know… So they say, pay when you find out. If you want cheap, that’s not the way to do it.
  • What kind of speedboat do you use during island hopping? How many engines and how many PK is the speedboat engine? How many people capacity is filled by how many people? There is a possibility that the trip organizer will force the number of participants to exceed the speedboat’s capacity. Maybe it’s still safe, but what about comfort?

Protecting Coral Reefs When Having Your Adventure

You must have known that travelling can cause negative impacts to the environment. Even though there are many things you can do to travel more sustainably, there are always chances that you contribute to further damage the nature. One of the most important things we all have to protect is the coral reefs. They are living under the water and are often violated and damaged by human’s way of living. As traveler, we can do many things to help protect them by travelling more sustainably and responsibly. Here are some tips to enjoy your trip without damaging coral reefs:

Support eco-tourism

Use reef-safe sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is important when you are indoor or outdoor because UV rays can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. However, it is also important to be more selective in choosing sunscreen product because some of them are harmful to coral reefs. Make sure choose sunscreens that don’t contain harmful chemical for the reefs such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, or octinoxate. You can opt for sunscreen that are made with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. 

Support eco-tourism

By supporting eco-tourism, you choose activities that are beneficial to the local communities and environment. You only choose environmentally friendly practices throughout your trip. Or, you can actively join communities that support eco-tourism and involve in their activities to save the reefs. You can do some research in advance to make sure you are supporting the right communities and causes. 

Opt for local restaurant to dine in

It is known that local fishermen typically catch what is available to them. It means they only catch what they need and you are able to have fresh catches to be served on your table for dining in. Keep in mind that large-scale fishing often overfish and damage the life of coral reefs. It often kills catches unintentionally and pollute the water. Choose local restaurant that is sustainably sourced, following domestic seafood guides. 

Use reusable essentials to pack

It is highly suggested that you avoid using any disposable plastics to pack your items. Yes, they come in handy and are lightweight that your luggage won’t be added with more weight or space. However, the environmental impact of using plastics is nothing funny. Hence, it is more recommended that you use reusable essentials such as reusable water bottle, shopping bags, utensils, straws, etc. Avoid single-use plastics to also help save coral reefs since many of those plastics end up in the ocean. 

Stop buying coral souvenirs

There are so many coral souvenirs displayed in various shops near tourist attractions. They are in a form of handmade jewelry or home decor. They are beautifully crafted, making tourists get interested to buy some. However, many are unaware that those are made by living creatures such as conch, starfish, corals, etc. By buying them, you are supporting the deforestation of reefs. By not buying those products, you help push the market to no longer invest in these items. This way, you can help save the ecosystem of marine life. 

Labuan Bajo Trip, Enjoy Your Gorgeous Sunrise and Sunset

Komodo Island and its nearby islands in Flores’ waters can be explored in a variety of ways. You can rent a boat or participate in a life onboard package to sail around the island for a few days. Three days and two nights on a boat is the typical length of stay. Your Komodo National Park adventure starts from Labuan Bajo port. Labuan Bajo trip becoming increasingly popular as a means of getting to diving and snorkeling destinations.

Labuan Bajo Trip, Enjoy Your Gorgeous Sunrise and Sunset

Labuan Bajo Trip Budget

There are so many islands to visit, most tourists prefer to live on a boat. It is not only more cost-effective, but it also allows you to spend more time exploring the island. Furthermore, not all of these islands are accessible to Labuan Bajo, the closest port city from which to explore them.

Labuan Bajo liveaboard is we explore the islands for a few days and sleep on the boat. Everything, including bathing, cooking, and eating, is done on board. On the boat, you’ll be able to watch the gorgeous sunset and night. When there are waves, though, your sleep is a little disrupted.

If you want a comfortable tour from Labuan Bajo, you can choose a big and good ship, but of course, the cost can be more expensive.

The cost of life onboard for 3 days 2 nights on Komodo Island starts from 2 – 3.5 million rupiahs. It can even be more than that if you choose the Labuan Bajo cruise. The facilities include air-conditioned rooms, own rooms, and other first-class facilities. If an ordinary wooden ship, one ship can carry 9-10 people. The sharing fee is cheaper, around one point 8 million rupiahs. However, if one vessel contains less, the cost can be higher.

Where can we join life onboard? Reservations can be made online. Currently, many travel agencies offer life on boat tours to explore the island of Komodo. Well, if you don’t have time to order online, you can also come directly and choose the Labuan Bajo tour package. There are many ships that offer life onboard. Open trip Labuan Bajo can be the perfect choice to save costs. You can meet new traveling companions on the boat It’s different if you go in a group and rent a boat for life onboard.

In addition to life on board, you can rent a wooden boat at the Labuan Bajo port for daily use. One day with the farthest route, namely to Rinca island, Komodo island, Padar island, pink beach and see the sunset on Kanawa island it costs around 2 million rupiahs for one boat. Bring your food and mineral water from Labuan Bajo.

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