Kri Island Raja Ampat

If you’re planning to visit Kri Island Raja Ampat as a honeymoon destination, congratulations! You picked one of the best honeymoon trips on the earth! Raja Ampat spans over 40.000 km2, and there are 1.500 tiny islands. Many of these islands offer a peaceful paradise. Making it a perfect destination to explore with your partners. Starting from the white-sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, the coral reefs, and marine life. A honeymoon trip should be exciting and unforgettable. You should find places where you and your partner can spend quality time exploring nature and relaxing. But you must be confused; where do you even begin planning a honeymoon trip to the Kri? When it comes to a place to stay on the island. Where to go there, and the fun things to do. No need to worry; here is everything to know before you go on a honeymoon trip!

How to Get There

A trip to Kri Island Raja Ampat can be relatively long and tiring. You first need to fly from Jakarta to Waisai City’s Marinda Airport. From there, you can continue the trip to Waisai Port and then ride a speedboat to Kri Island.

What are the best things to do in Kri Island Raja Ampat? 

Diving and snorkeling- The best activities on the island are the formation of stunning corals. The stunning corals are scattered all over those snorkeling and diving spots so that travelers can explore it easily. Snorkeling and diving are pretty much what it’s all you need to do here. Some diver lovers say that Kri’s reefs are the best on Raja Ampat Island. No matter where you go, the variety of colorful coral, fish, and other shelled bits and pieces is beyond compare. Discovers the underwater life from brightly colored fish and manta rays and views corals’ rarest while enjoying one of the water activities.

The next thing you can do is hiking. Strap on your sneakers or hiking boots and spend your honeymoon by long beautiful beach walks along the north coast at low tide. At low tide, you are able to cross the sandbanks to Mansuar and the small islet of Ransiwor. You can see the sandbank shallows contain lots of interesting creatures awaiting the tide’s return. Remember, make sure you know the time the tide returns if you plan to walk back to Kri!

Visiting the nearby village is a good choice for your honeymoon trip. Plan your trip to Yenbuba. You can learn about the local culture and try local food in the town. Some villagers live as a fisherman; they use a traditional method in catching the fish. Isn’t it unique? You can see all the unique attractions when visiting Yenbuba.

What to Pack for your holiday?

Don’t bring such things. You will be in your swimsuit every day of your trip to the Kri. So, it would be best if you packed your swimwear accordingly. If you want to visit the local village, you should prepare an appropriate outfit for a visit to a local. Cameras, hats, glasses, beach dresses and a pair of beach sandals are musts. To ensure a sunburn-free trip, make sure to apply some sunscreens before you leave on your face.

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