Having a road travel is consider less risky during this pandemic. Public transportation such as buses or airplanes put you at risk of exposure to the virus. Of course, you still can take precautions to travel safely using public transport. However, the risk is still high. It is hard now to decide safe or unsafe in clear line. What we can do is how to minimize the risk of contact and virus infection. If you really have to travel, choosing a car rental is a good alternative.

How to choose the right rental company

Even if you plan to take a road travel for your trip, it is still essential to take some precautions. For example, packing necessary items such as hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves (if needed). so you can still practice good hygiene on the road. Then, you can pack your own foods, snacks, and drinks. Therefore, you don’t have to stop at the restaurant to have your meals.

It is also a must to practice social distancing. For example, if you have to stop for toilet breaks, stay six feet away from others. Cover your mouth with your elbow if you cough or sneeze even if you wear a mask already. Avoid physical contact with others. Wash your hands after.

When it comes to choosing a rental company, there are some considerations to take.

Always plan ahead. It means you have to book as far in advance as you can. The situation with covid has made car renting at the highest peak that some companies are experiencing shortage. Therefore, plan ahead so you know which company to choose and see the availability of the car you want to rent.

Consider airport rental. It can be good alternative because airport rentals now receive fewer bookings now. However, the price goes higher due to extra fees during covid. However, they are more reliable in providing more vehicles. So if you don’t mind higher expense, you can consider airport rental for more car availability.

Before making a deal, read and understand the term of booking. It is better to consider choosing cancelable booking with a full refund if you choose prepay. Refundable term is now chosen more by people because of the uncertainty with the situation following the pandemic. Therefore, you can also apply the same strategy when booking your accommodation.

Opt for contactless service. Choose rental company who offer contactless pickup for safety and simplicity. You can complete all the checks-in through your phone so you don’t have to visit the counter or kiosk directly. Then, you can directly go to the car you choose to start your journey. Make sure that the company you choose also follow guidelines for the safety and hygiene.

It is also important to find more information about the guidelines of travel before you go. So you will be more prepared of what to do for safe road travel. Always follow guidelines to ensure your safety and others.