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Best tattoo in Bali Why Do You Tattoo?

Each individual’s motivation to get a tattoo is highly personal. While it may be clear to yourself why you’d like to get the best tattoo in Bali – are you sure of your very own intent? What motivates you to get a tattoo? Before you actually search for the best tattoo shop in Bali or search for the artists, especially if this is your firs time getting a tattoo, why not ask yourself? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people get tattoos in the first place. 

The body art is an ancient practice 

Although highly popular in modern times, tattoos are not a form of contemporary art. The practice dated back millennia. Some tribes all over the world still maintain their tradition of tattooing as a means to identify that one belongs to a certain community of tribes. This is part of why the art of tattooing is so fascinating. 

Best tattoo in Bali and self expression 

You’ve likely heard of this many times over. Tattoo is a form of self expression. This is quite apparent for the sheer variety of tattoos on each individual. Tattoo in Bali is no different. Many people get their tattoos in order to shout out a statement they don’t have to verbalize themselves. Their tattoos speak for them. 

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In this regard, tattoos can also be a form of rebellion. Because of the nature of self expression itself, the reasons of getting a tattoo is highly varied. But at the end of the day, if you like the artwork enough to have it etched onto your skin for the rest of your life (with responsible considerations of course), then why not go for it?

Modern subculture 

Just like how tattoo in Bali and in many other indigenous places are seen as a way to identify one self as belonging to a community, this is also the case at times with modern tattoo practice. A lot of subcultures tattoo as a way of distinguishing themselves between other communities. Whether the intent is conscious or not. Likewise, when many members of a community have tattoos on their body, peer pressure might be induced. And it could be a silent means of identifying a certain community. 

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Tattoo is a statement of identity 

Something that gets tattooed permanently into your very own body speaks a lot about the wearer. This is definitely the case for tattoo. While the matter of each tattoo interpretation varies greatly and they could be vague at best, the fact remains that tattoo is a silent statement. 

Action speaks louder. Or in this case, artwork speaks louder. Many people get the best tattoo in Bali island to showcase a piece of their identity to the world through their tattoo artwork on their skin. 

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Tattoo to remember something by 

A remembrance is something that many people get tattoos. And the list of things of what each individual would want to remember is endless. It could be a catastrophic life event, the death of a loved one, a mark of graduation, or something to remember your pets by. Best tattoo in Bali holds so much sentiment for humans when it comes to this aspect of tattooing. 

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Bali tattoos to remember your pets 

Are you one of those people who couldn’t live without your furry friend? Here’s some ideas on what to tattoo on your body: 

  • Paw prints of your pet
  • A portrait of your pet 
  • A portrait together with you 
  • Their name 
  • Your pet’s favorite item 

Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo in Bali: Safety Standards Bali Tattoo Studio

The short answer is? Yes. It’s absolutely possible to tattoo in Bali safely. You can even find European standard tattoo practice on the island. But the question begs how. Is it difficult to find a reputable Bali tattoo studio that practices high standards of hygiene and tattoo safety? What should you look out for when looking for a good Bali tattoo studio? 

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Don’t go inside just any tattoo parlor you find in Kuta streets 

You know you’ll regret it eventually. Sometimes, an impulsive tattoo decision leads to more than just regrets. It could lead to diseases. Remember that viruses, like Hepatitis C, is caused by blood to blood contacts through unsterilized syringes and in many cases, tattoo equipments and piercings. Be wise and don’t go to just any studio tattoo Bali before doing any research on the place. 

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Always pay attention to hygiene and standard practice 

Is this your first time in getting a tattoo? Then do your due homework and educate yourself on how a good tattoo practice is done. Having a knowledge on how tattooing works will only benefit you.  For your convenience, here are the items you should always pay attention to whenever you’re getting a tattoo: 

  • Single-use, sterilized needles. These are individually packed, sealed, and for inks, have production and expiration dates on them. 
  • Single-use and sterilized razors or knives (to shave the clients’ body hair). 
  • Tattoo artists MUST wear disposable, sterile gloves. This also goes for towels—they must be disposable and single-use for each client. 
  • Pay attention to your Bali tattoo studio. Is it smelly? Overly dusty? Is there anything that makes you feel comfortable? 
  • Is the tattoo artist comfortable and able to answer your questions regarding the safety and hygiene procedures? Is the tattoo artist understanding of your concerns? Do you feel okay talking to your tattoo artist? 
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Research your Bali tattoo studio and tattoo artist way ahead of time

Plan, plan, and plan. There is no such a thing as over-planning when you’re going to get something that’s going to be stuck onto your body for the rest of your life. Not to mention, all of the health risks and safety concerns that comes with getting a tattoo. These are the things recommended to be done ahead of time: 

  • Your tattoo design. Duh. Don’t go into any Bali tattoo studio or tattoo parlors without anything in mind. Sure, you may think it’s fine to be spontaneous and just go in with the moment. But not having anything to go on with will just waste both of your time and your tattoo artist. Unless you like a certain tattoo artist so much (and are already very familiar with their works) that you’re willing to have them ink whatever tattoo piece they’re working on. 
  • The Bali tattoo studio you’re going to get your ink. Seriously, research the tattoo studio in Bali. It’ll save you a world of headache down the road. 
  • Specific tattoo artist you’ve had your eyes on. If they’re visiting Bali and you know you’ll want them do your ink, then by any means, chase on! But make sure that you contact them first. Make an appointment ahead of time, this can be as early as you find out they travel to Bali. Communicate your intent in getting your tattoo done by them. 
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Planning is always the first step to a no-regret tattoo

So make sure that you have your holiday plans laid out, before you attempt to ink anything onto your body. Or worse, before you drunkenly stumble into a dirty tattoo parlor tucked at a street corner in Legian. Do yourself a favor and plan. It’s a good move to plan your tattoo appointment nearing the end of your holiday. If you’re having a month-long holiday, it’s best to make the most of your holiday by enjoying everything Bali has to offer.