Indonesian cuisine is just as diverse as the Indonesian people thanks to the hundreds of ethnicities, and therefore, the culture born with it. Thanks to the complex and rich traditional culture, the Indonesian food is a delight to explore. And a special occasion calls for special delicacies as well. If you’re curious about getting Indonesian food for your buffet catering Bali, read on. 

balinese food sate lilit

Why choose Indonesian food for your buffet catering Bali 

Once you’ve decided to hold an event: whether it’s a wedding reception, a conference, or a corporate event, why not specifically choose Indonesian food for your event? Indonesian food are loved and revered for their unique taste of rich spice mix. But aside from the distinct taste, the sheer variety of the dishes themselves make them great choices that yield to plentiful of options that won’t bore both hosts and guests alike. 

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Buffet catering is an extremely popular choice among the locals 

If an Indonesian local has ever invited you to the comfort of their home or their parent’s, usually in the middle of a remote village, then you’ll find that rarely people serve plated meals. In Indonesia, buffet catering is the most popular choice for any kind of events. 

The Indonesians love buffet thanks to the highly social environment that buffet-format meal provides. It’s not rare to see Indonesian locals converse with each other as they’re getting their meals on the long buffet table. And this conversation would continue all the way to their seat or wherever they’ve decided to eat. Buffet catering allows them to be social, something highly embedded in the Indonesian culture.  

Some Indonesian food recommendation for your event catering 

Indonesian culinary scene is rich and notably diverse. So there are plenty of cuisine that you can pick from a variety of different options. Here are some of the most popular choices for buffet catering Bali: 

Indonesian sate lilit, sate ayam, or sate kambing? Your pick

A variety of satay: sate lilit (Balinese minced meat satay), sate ayam (chicken satay), sate kambing (lamb satay), you name it. The Indonesian love their satay. In various events in which the locals are the host, this dish is almost always present. This dish is highly versatile: the variety is wide. There are as many seasoning mixes are there are the types of satay. While often eaten with rice, more and more Indonesian catering have adapted this dish to be sort of a snack that can be eaten as you stand. This is perfect for parties or events that have a more casual feel to it. 

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Buffet catering Bali: go local and get the best taste and the best deal 

Doing your research pays off. While Indonesian food catering is definitely available in abundance, you’ll be surprised that finding authentic ones require a bit more digging. You’ll find that businesses providing some of the most authentic Indonesian local dishes are mostly small warungs that also happen to do drop-off catering. So do your research to get the full-service catering that serve authentic Indonesian food that can cater to your event’s needs. 

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Finding a reputable and reliable catering Denpasar 

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Since you’re going to hold your event in Bali anyway, getting a Balinese food for your buffet catering is always a good choice. Some of the best full-service caterer can be found in Denpasar, as the area is mostly occupied by locals. You’ll be able to find plenty of choices for Bali wedding catering packages by reputable catering services there. This is unlike that of south Bali that consists of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, that are occupied mostly by foreign expatriates. You’ll be able to find wedding catering Bali that not only specializes in Balinese and Indonesian food, but also the unique experience of Indonesian atmosphere.