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In Canada, We Have Fun, My Dear Canada!

Canada is a country of vast distances and rich natural beauty. Economically and technologically, and in many other ways, it is very similar to its southern neighbor, the United States, although there are significant differences between the two countries. While both countries have a long and continuing history of colonialism over the indigenous peoples of their countries, Canada is very happy with its British heritage and many Canadians are proud of it. Much of Canada’s built environment and current influence comes mainly from immigrants from two European countries, Great Britain and France. This dual nature is very different from that of the United States, and in some parts of Canada, particularly Quebec and New Brunswick, Canadians speak mainly French.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls or Niagara Falls is a set of three waterfalls located on the Niagara River that connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario in eastern North America on the Canada-US border. United States: the “Horseshoe” or Canadian Falls; the “American Falls”. Niagara Falls has become one of the best tourist sites in Canada for years. In fact, many couples make Niagara the perfect place to get married. This indicates that this place is romantic enough to link love. The best time to visit Niagara is from June to August. Niagara fog and wind can make the air a little cooler.

National Banff Park

Banff National Park is located in the Canadian Rockies, 120 km west of the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta. Its date of creation, 1885, makes it the oldest national park in Canada. This national park is the first national park in Canada. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park can offer you a beauty you will never forget. A comfortable hotel is available if you do not want to camp. In Banff, you can ski on Mount Norquay, climb mountains, stand on an iconic limestone pillar called Hoodoos and ride a bike to Healy Creek.

Jasper National Park of Canada

Jasper National Park is a vast wilderness area in the Canadian Rockies, in the province of Alberta. It includes glaciers, lakes and peaks, including Mount Edith Cavell at 3,363 m altitude. From the town of Jasper, the Icefields Parkway passes through the subalpine forest and the huge Columbia Icefield. There are various outdoor activities available, including hiking, camping and skiing. Elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and bears are all part of the native wildlife. Jasper National Park is Canada’s largest national park, visiting this park is very desirable with your family!

Best Komodo Liveaboard Destinations for Beginner Divers

Since the beginning of the 90s, scuba divers from all around the world has begin venturing to the deep waters of the rugged Komodo National Park—extremely remote and rough at that time. Made famous by the prehistoric, monstrous Komodo dragons, brave divers find that the national park also house one of the most pristine dive destinations on our planet earth. And today, divers are looking for the best Komodo liveaboard they can find to take them exploring the rich and wonderful Komodo’s underwater. 

The Komodo, with more than twenty little islands scattered along Flores Sea, is a dream destination for many divers. It’s the place where reefs of colourful corals stretched along the seabed, millions of tropical fishes milling about, while Manta Rays, turtles, and pelagic occasionally passes by. But of you are a beginner diver who just starting to delve the ocean, you would want to embark on diving liveaboard that’s perfect for your skill level. Diving in Komodo, despite of its stunning beauty, is quite challenging—even for the experienced. Komodo’s blooming marine diversity is mainly due to the meeting of two strong currents; the Pacific Ocean from the north and the Indian Ocean from the South. Many of the sites require specific expertise on diving proven by certificate to ensure that you could handle the environment. 

Best Komodo Liveaboard for Beginner Divers in Flores

It’s not a reason to be discouraged. Beginners can still dive in Komodo—if you can find the right Komodo diving liveaboard that could facilitate that, and this is how. 

The Key to Find Best Komodo Liveaboard for Beginners

Beginners can safely dive in Komodo as long as they pick the right dive sites and closely observe the live condition. Ideal dive sites for beginners should have low currents, high visibility, shallow depth, and warm temperature. That means you probably need to avoid the famous 3C—The Cauldron, Crystal Rock, and Castle Rock—and other phenomenal dive site as they are commonly strong in currents. Also, dive sites that are famous for their coral beds might be best avoided. It’s often hard for beginners to find sandy patches to stand on among the dense corals.

Read More: Re-defining “Hidden Paradise”

Our dive sites recommendation for beginner divers in Komodo might be a little less famous, but not in any way less fun. The sloping reef in Sebayur Kecil is great as you’d be protected from the currents. The Turtle City is ideal to see turtles, garden eels, bamboo sharks, and a lot of other fish in relatively low currents. You could also visit there other sites with low level of currents and tide—the Crystal Bay, China Shop of Cauldron, and the Sabolong Kecil. 

These dive sites are not the common itineraries offered in mainstream liveaboard tours, and it could be another challenge to find guides who master these areas. Most liveaboard usually focus on the big pieces; Komodo Island, Padar Island, and greatly phenomenal dive sites like the Batu Bolong, the 3C, or Tatawa Besar which are on high level of difficulty. But when you have find one liveaboard that could take you to appropriate dive site, you know you’ve find the best Komodo liveaboard for you. 

Important of Renting Motorbike When Traveling in Bali

If you are not often riding motorbike when you are in your country especially if you are from Europe or USA, it seems that you are likely won’t do that when you are traveling in Bali.

Some benefits when renting motorbike for travelling in Bali

In many cases, it is even recommended that you are knowing how to ride the motorbike and renting one while you are traveling in Bali for some of the important benefits you can get.

I don’t know if there will be the other blogs or sites have been covering this topic, but I think that I will need to tell you the benefits of renting the motorbike when you have been decided to spend your holidays in Bali.

1. Renting motorbike in Bali will let you save more money for travel transport

If you are using the online transportation, it is actually still expensive compared to renting your own bike. For example, if you are using Grab and delivering you to the travel destination, let’s say that it will cost you around IDR 50,000. With the same amount of money, you can even rent a bike for a day or at least 12 hours and then you can go anywhere you like in Bali.

If there will be one tips you are requiring from me on how to save your money traveling in Bali, that will be renting a bike and be anywhere as you need at anytime you want.

2. First thing you can do to avoid the traffic is by choosing which transportation will be needed

Dring a car while traveling around in Bali can be comfortable. You don’t have to experience the too hot sun or too windy day. You are being spoiled just by being in a car. Sadly, everything has its own deficiency, you can move as you want especially when the traffic is the messy one.

When you are visiting the popular destination in the weekend, you should have been understand that the traffic is something that can be your enemy. But if you are using the motorbike, you can not only arrive at the destination faster so you don’t spend your holidays on the road.

3. Motorbike let you being anywhere you want

It doesn’t mean anywhere, literally. But by using the motorbike for traveling around in Bali, it will increase your chance to be in the small road or alley that can be reached by using the car or any other big sized transports.

Doing this will also means that you can reach more travel destinations in Bali that can be reached out by using a bike. If the car can reach certain destinations, most of the time, the motorbike can also do the same. But not all the destinations that can be reached by the motorbike, can also be reached by the car. You know exactly what i mean.

4. It could be the new and unique experience for riding the motorbike for some people

Riding motorbike may not special when you are in Bali and the whole of Indonesia. But if you are from USA, Australia, UK, France, etc, this can be the unique experience for reaching out the destinations in Bali through riding a bike.

Ever since that most of the Indonesian are also using the motorbike, this could be an authentic travel experience as well when travelers are using the bike as the local people.

5. Your travel holidays are precious, save your times by riding a motorbike

The more travel experiences and destinations you can visit in a day, sometimes can be the better things for your holidays. And of all the transports you can use to save your times, motorbike is the first choice among all.

How A Surf Camp Trip Can Really Boost Your Health?

Mostly, when we are hearing the talk about the surfing world, the first representative people for that surely will be the surfers themselves. As if all the activities are only for those who are love riding the waves and not for everyone. But if you are getting to know about the surf camp, you will know that it has not actually been limited and everyone can joining in especially when whoever needs to find the ways to boost their health while traveling.

Health benefits of surf camp

Surfing is fun and challenging. Both sides aren’t debatable. So does its health benefits for our self. And, the surf camp itself will be one of the surf activity with positive vibes as well that can boost our health to be better, physically and mentally.

How is it possible for a surf camp to boost your health?

Let me tell you one basic thing about the surf camp. It is not about how you can set up the camping on the sea, haven’t heard about that. But if you are thinking about camping at the beach, it is even closer to what the surf camp is.

A surf camp trip is a kind of how you are traveling with surfing focus activity while trained by the professional instructor. In general, it is a course where each class can contain of some surf students (not reaching up to 10 person).

I have said before that surfing itself can be challenging and fun at the same time. Both things are the benefits as well for our health. But if you want to know more about what are the other real benefits when you are in a surf camp course, then here they are:

  1. You will be in a surf “course” camp with the others, that will be the perfect time to make a friend as usual. And we have been knowing that friendship is always good to boost our happiness and reduce the stress. Who knows that your new friends can also encourage you to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle?
  2. Surf camp will allow you to practice surfing itself since it is the main thing you will need to mastered. While you are doing that, you will find that surfing itself will make most of your body parts moved and that will be the great exercise to boost your health as well.
  3. Mostly, surfing will be recommended in the morning and in the afternoon. That will be the prime times for exercising.
  4. Did you know that surfing is still being used to help people with autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc? Exercising itself is good for our mental and soul while being on surf camp itself will also be good for both of that.
  5. Vitamin sea. Surf camp will mostly let you exercise on the beach at the sea. Being at outdoor especially when you are surfing in the morning will surely good for your bone because you will get the positive benefits of vitamin D. Just make sure that you are bringing the sunscreen as well so your skin won’t get burned.

A surf camp itself has its own benefits to boost your health while the trip will also contributing the same things for your health as well. And now, there have been many surf schools that are accepting any kind of ages to start knowing and mastering the surfing skills. It is really a recommended trip for everyone.

Surviving Long Flight with Your Back Pain

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable during a flight. However, back pain is one of the most common things travelers experience when sitting for extended period of time. Therefore, it will cause such a huge discomfort when you have to travel to a place requiring long flight. The long flight itself can cause back pain. And if you have already suffered from it, it may get worse. Thus, you need to do something to alleviate your back pain while flying.

Deal with back pain during the long flight

Dealing with back pain during a long flight

Sometimes it is inevitable for you to take a flight since you have some places to be. Even though when you are currently suffering from back pain, you need to go on with the plan and survive the flight like it or not.

Sometimes, long flight can cause back pain even you were totally fine before. Sitting for too long or being in incorrect position can cause major back pain. If you need to deal with it during your long flight, there are some tips to alleviate it if you need ones.

If your back pain is already there before travel, make sure to visit your physician to find out whether or not you can make it. Even if your physician allows you to travel and having a long flight, they may recommend some products to lessen the pain. They may also recommend you to so some stretches during the flight so your back won’t get any worse.

If you choose to stretches carelessly, it may cause severe problems to your health. That’s why consulting your physician before is highly advised.

During your flight, you can try some products to alleviate your back pain. For example, you can use stretch straps or resistance bands. They only take up a little space in your luggage. In fact, you can carry them in your carry-on. Use them for stretching out while you wait to board your flight. Or, you can also use them during your rest in your hotel room.

Another product you can use to alleviate back pain during your trip is posture correctors. Poor posture can cause back pain especially when you carry heavy weight on your shoulders, or when you sit incorrectly. Thus, you can use posture correctors in a form of neck pillow to help with spine alignment. You can use it during your flight so you can survive.

You can also try Kinesiology Tape or KT especially when your back pain is caused by muscle stress or strain. It helps improving your blood circulation in your cells. Make sure to learn how to apply it when you are still at home.

It is recommended to stretch before the flight such as side bends, rotations, and extensions. You are also recommended to stretch during the flight while in sitting position such as seated knee pulls, straight-arm dip, seated lumbar rotation, and seated figure four stretch. Stretches in standing position include side steps, pelvic tilts, sciatic nerve gliding, or standing psoas stretch. As for post-flight, you can perform press ups.

Travelling When Dealing With Pregnancy

Women experience many unforgettable moments in their life. One of the best moment is when they are pregnant and expecting a child to born healthily. Speaking of pregnancy, lots of people are wondering whether or not it is safe for pregnant women to travel. It is possible for pregnant women to travel, however, they should do it with precautions because some situations may endanger the baby. For example, pregnant women are not allowed to travel in their first semester. It is because their pregnancy hasn’t developed well and the baby hasn’t gained enough strength to survive tiring activity. Second semester is safe time if women want to travel. Even then, they still have to be careful of many things to make sure their pregnancy is safe.

Dealing with pregnancy during a vacation

Pregnant women are prone to stress due to hormonal changes and all. Thus, taking a trip to new places can help to ease the stress even nut a little bit. However, dealing with pregnancy throughout the trip can be challenging.

Travelling When Dealing With Pregnancy

If you are planning to travel when you are pregnant, make sure to see your doctor beforehand to know if you are safe enough to do it. It is important to do to find out if you have any complications that can make travel endanger your pregnancy in any way. Your doctor will also recommend what kind of activities you should and should engage in during your trip.

You need to choose travel destination carefully. Avoid places with high possibility of virus that can put your pregnancy in danger. If you take a trip just to loosen up and reduce your level of stress, choose near places as your destination. The point is to get fresh air in new environment so you don’t necessarily have to travel to foreign country because long haul flight can take a toll on your body.

Prepare everything you need such as clothes, medication, and other stuffs. It is highly advised that you don’t travel alone during your pregnancy because it is too risky. Pregnancy is risky situation that you can face possible complication unexpectedly. Thus, make sure to travel with companions to ensure your safety.

Throughout the journey to your travel destination, make yourself comfortable with everything. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid tight-fitting ones because they can block your circulation. You can also bring your own pillow so you will sit comfortably throughout the journey. If you have to experience long haul flight, make sure to notice your airline staffs about your condition so they can prepare for the emergency.

Make sure to stay hydrated during your trip and don’t let yourself starve. Drink plenty and have some snacks in the interval of your meals. You can stay active during your trip by engaging in outdoor activities. However, make sure that you don’t force yourself too hard to engage in physical activities that can harm your baby. Choose activities that can help you and your baby stay healthy. Make sure to plan the schedule well so you have time to properly eat and rest.

Boat Charter Komodo: Re-defining “Hidden Paradise”

I honestly thought that “hidden paradise” was old and worn out marketing jargon to sugarcoat any holiday destination—islands, villas, resorts, you name it. Until I come to Komodo National Park, one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature that has long been sitting on my wish list. A remote string of islets stretched on Flores Sea, deep on Indonesian’ frontier. It’s not easy to reach the Komodo. You need to sail on boat charter Komodo or embark one of their liveaboard boats to see what the Komodo has to offer.

As how its name reflect, Komodo National Park is mainly famous for its residence, the last colony of Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensis). A blood lust reptile left from the prehistoric era, the Komodo dragon is mainly the dream of adventurers and kids who grew up with encyclopaedia of dinosaurs on their bedrooms. But the dragons are not the only star on this national park. This group of nearly thirty volcanic island in Indonesia’s “Lesser Sunda Islands” archipelago is packed with adventure. Both around the jagged landscape and under the blue sea—as Komodo’s water is part of the coral triangle and home to one of the richest marine life on the world. 

What A Holiday in Komodo Look Like 

The Komodo was honest. It was probably the purest destination I’ve ever been. The landscape was totally barren—no electricity, no mass development, no towering hotels—not even beach clubs and their colourful umbrella beaches lining on the pristine shore, thanks to Indonesian government’s strict regulations. The Komodo promise us nothing, yet it translates the best definition of “hidden paradise”. This national park is as natural it is; scaly dragons resting in the sun, array of undulating hills covered with brownish savannah grasses, and vast bodies of crystalline turquoise water. This far-flung frontier is stunning in its simplicity—no promises, no polished beachfront resorts, only the raw nature to bemuse your wanderlust. 

Boat Charter Komodo: Re-defining "Hidden Paradise"

Sailing with Boat Charter Komodo 

Because there’ more than 25 islands to explore and more than 15 major dive sites to explore, taking a sailing trip with boat charter Komodo is the best way to get around the national park. A little secret: you won’t get to see all the islands and dive sites on a single trip anyway, so you need to choose. The best Komodo boat for this sailing adventure is the Phinisi-styled boat, Indonesian’s traditional two-masted sailing ship made almost entirely of wood. It’s a little more expensive than the low-cost fisherman-style boats, but I find it totally worth it. 


Budget boat and phinisi boat both offers the same basic service; a lodge doubled as transportation to venture around Komodo, three meals a day for the entire duration of the sailing trip, and exploration to the lands and the waters. I choose the Komodo boat charters because; one, phinisi boat is larger than common budget boats, hence higher stability on the sea. Second, boat charter is perfect for travelling in group—you can charter the whole boat, pick up only the best sites that you really interested in, and set itineraries on your own pace. 

(Note: this is not recommended for single travelers.)

Also, boat charters generally have better facilities and better services. They have wider decks for sunbathing separated from dining deck, spacious indoor lounge, hotel-standard cabins, and some even provides free-of-charge diving/ snorkel equipments. Boat charters tends to keep guests : crews ratio low, resulting on more focused services than general budget liveaboard. And for those reasons, I think boat charter Komodo totally worth the price.

Why You Should Consider Creating Copies of Your Passport

A lost or stolen passport is every traveler’s worst nightmare. You can prevent it from happening. But sometimes, it’s simply inevitable, like with the case of it being stolen or other factors you simply cannot prevent. However, as travelers, we can only prepare the best we can. Creating a copy of your passport is one of the methods you can try doing every time you travel. Consider this for a number of reasons as follows.

Proof of identification in case your passport is lost or stolen

Having a copy of your passport would make it easier to prove your identity when you’re obtaining a passport replacement. Imagine if you have nothing to prove that you’re you. While other methods of identification exist, having the copy of the thing that you lost would help recover its replacement. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Have your passport photo with you

Who knew keeping one or two passport photos with you can be very useful during a passport replacement? If you have some of your passport photos would help avoid retaking your picture for your new passport and it may further prove your identity in some cases.

An alternative to photocopying your passport

Some photocopy settings aren’t ideal for copying passports. Some details may be too obscured and therefore makes it difficult to read. If you want to avoid this as much as possible, then photocopying is out of the question. Take your passport to scan on your computer. Then you can print it out in color.

You can also store the digital copy of your passport in your phone or at a portable drive, ready for you to print out whenever you need it. This way, you’ll have your passport with you at all times. Be wary of uploading the digital copy of your passport to a cloud drive, though. If you decide to do it, make sure to do it encrypted and make sure only you have access to the file.

What should you do when your passport is stolen or lost?

While keeping calm during this time is next to impossible, having a copy of your passport ready would help keep you from outright panicking. Being prepared pays off. Contact your closest embassy as soon as you realize that your passport is nowhere to be found after you look for them at all of the places you can think of. After this, the embassy will ask you to prove your identity. Having a copy of your passport with you would help the process tremendously.

Once again, being prepared would pay off. For all it’s worth, having things prepared beforehand help ease the mental burden when the worse comes to worst (a.k.a. losing your passport).

Remember that the copy of your passport is still sensitive information

Guard the copy of your passport—be it digital or physical—as you would your real passport. The information contained in the copy of your passport is still the same information and therefore, have the potential to be exploited just like your authentic one.

Travelling to Some Rebuilt Historic Places around the World

Traveling to historic places is always fascinating because there is so much story behind a simple structure or landmark. Every piece of the place holds a long history to be explored by people who haven’t even born yet at that time. There is a misunderstanding that only old people like visiting historical places. In fact, lots of young travelers like visiting those places because they do want to know the story behind each one of them. Historic places hold every secret and they are the solid proof of something that happened in the past.

Some rebuilt historic places worth travelling for

The problems of historic structures or places are they keep aging so they are prone to break. Lots of historic structures reported to be damaged due to accidental or natural occurrences. There are some historic places in the world that have been rebuilt to keep their existence. They are worth traveling for and here are some of them:

  • Hiroshima Castle is located in Japan. Hiroshima was one of the most affected places after the bombing during World War II. Thus, the Hiroshima Castle got affected by the blast. This 500 years old castle collapsed after the bombing. Then, the main keep of the castle was rebuilt in 1957. Today, it functions as a museum where you can explore the Hiroshima’s pre-war history.
  • Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuhan, China. It was destroyed back then to 223 A.D. it had been through rebuilt for twelve times. The reconstruction process didn’t involve strangers. However, the tower now is in a new location which is situated less than a mile from its original location. Recent rebuilt happened in 1985. Even though it was a very old structure, it is now equipped with modern technology such as an elevator.
  • Stari Most is located in Mostar, Bosnia. It is Bosnia’s iconic bridge which is also known as Old Bridge. It was bombarded back then in 1990s by gunfire during the Croat-Bosniak war. The bridge collapsed into the river below. However, it was reconstructed after the war using local materials and stones from the original bridge. Aside from enjoying the view. You can also visit this bridge for cliff-diving. There is even annual bridge-jumping hosted in this bridge during summer.
  • Ribeira Palace is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace was one of the most affected are of one of the deadliest earthquakes in the city of Lisbon in 1755. The buildings around the city were damaged both by the water and fire. During the recovery of the city, the square was also rebuilt. The lost palace is now known and rebranded as the Square of Commerce.
  • Fort Manoel is located in Valetta, Malta. It was originally built in the 18th century by Fort Manoel, the Knights of Malta. It was used to house the British military but was ruined during WWII. Then, there was restoration in 2001 after fell into disrepair in 1964. This place is famous today due to its use as a filming location for the infamous Game of Thrones.

What to Do During a 12-hour Layover During Your Travel?

Take into consideration what time of day is your layover. And do consider: perhaps sleeping may just be your best layover plan? There’s absolutely no need to plan out your layover if you arrive at 9 pm there. It’s a blessing. All you have to do is arrange for a comfortable place to get proper sleep. Take advantage of this sort layover to replenish your energy Don’t rush out going to experience the city’s nightlife just yet. A layover is not the time for that, no matter how exciting the city you’re in at that moment.

Even when you do not arrive during the night if you feel tired, then getting some sleep would be in your best interest. Don’t mule over how you’re wasting time not being able to explore. It’s not your destination anyway. So don’t force it.

Take the time to take care of yourself

Wash your face, brush your teeth, get a change of clothes—whatever your routine consists of to get you to freshen up a bit. And of course, if you need it; sleep! One could argue that there’s no better way to spend a long layover than sleep. Get a proper place to sleep and get refreshed. 

Go on a day-trip 

Going on a day trip seemed to be the one thing that many people have in mind when they have several hours of layover. And 12 hours layover often would give you that opportunity. Start researching nearby destinations that you can try out. It’s best to focus on just one place or one activity. Make sure to factor in commute time to and from the airport as well as possible obstacles such as the traffic during rush hours or otherwise. 

Focusing on one thing one layover 

The more we feel constrained, the more we want. That’s what usually happen at any given scenario. Don’t try to squeeze in so many things into your 12-hour itinerary. As we’ve mentioned above, focus instead on just a single thing you’d like to do. Start researching nearby places to the airport that you’re interested in. Pick one and follow through.

A brilliant way to enjoy a place in a short amount of time is enjoying the food! This can be anything from trying out things sold at street food stalls to fine dining or enjoying a hearty lunch. Trying out some of the local food during your layover is one of the most effective ways to enjoy your layover—who doesn’t love a satisfying meal? Not only it would make your layover enjoyable, going out for some food is a good way for you to recharge your energy for the next journey. It’s one of the ways to escape from airline food for awhile and get you back to being energized. 

Remember to give a generous cushion to your time 

Plan to go back to the airport five to six hours before your departure time. That means if you have a 12 hours layover, you have less than six hours to go on a day trip including time to commute. Most airports are located around one hour ride from the city center. So this is something important to consider. You’ll fare better in making the best of your time by focusing on just one place or one activity instead of trying to sample each and everything that interests you.