Lots of travelers suggest to travel in comfortable clothing. It is necessary so that your body won’t be in pain throughout the journey. However, taking care of your look is also important especially when it is part of your lifestyle. For some people, taking care of how they look is part of their routine they can’t just leave even for travelling. Besides, travelling with stylish look is still possible without reducing the amount of comfort. You just need to know how to choose the right clothes so they will look good on you without making you feel uncomfortable at all. 

Travelling in style and comfort

Travelling cam cause some hassles and inconvenience especially when you are having a long haul flight. It is seriously unpleasant thing because you have to sit for hours in limited space. That’s why you need to wear comfortable clothes so the long haul flight will be more bearable for you. Here are some tips to travel in style and comfort.

How to Travel in Style and Still Comfortable

It is highly recommended to avoid wearing jeans especially the tight one. Jeans look stylish and all but they can make you feel uncomfortable for a long haul flight. Your skin can get irritated and your muscle will easily get stiff and cramped. Tight jeans are also not good for your blood circulation. Thus, jeans’ buttons can also make you sleep in uncomfortable position because they can get in the way. There are other type of clothes you can wear but still can make you look stylish and comfortable but jeans are not one of them.

Avoid wearing tight boots or high heels for a long haul flight. You can wear comfortable flat shoes. However, it is highly recommended to not wear sandals or flip-flops. Don’t forget to wear socks to protect your foot. Even if you don’t wear them when leaving your home, you can wear them during the flight. 

Choose clothing with comfortable fabrics that won’t irritate your skin and are breathable. Cashmere, jersey, cotton, and viscose are great options of fabrics you can wear. Besides, they also look good. You will still look great in those type of clothes without reducing the comfort. You can also choose some elastane or polyester if you don’t want your clothes to wrinkle after the flight. 

Bring stylish carry-on bag that you can use to put all your necessities but still look good. Choose a bag with soft materials that won’t irritate your skin when you carry it. You need to make sure that the strap of the bag is comfortable. There are many bags with great fashion look you can choose but still offering the same function. 

If you want to look stylish, wear some accessories such as beanie, hats, sunglasses, or scarf (depending on the season you travel). Those are common accessories but work effectively to make you look more stylish. However, avoid wearing too many jewelry because they are not necessary. In fact, expensive jewelry will only attract criminals to harm you.