Why You Should Consider Creating Copies of Your Passport

A lost or stolen passport is every traveler’s worst nightmare. You can prevent it from happening. But sometimes, it’s simply inevitable, like with the case of it being stolen or other factors you simply cannot prevent. However, as travelers, we can only prepare the best we can. Creating a copy of your passport is one of the methods you can try doing every time you travel. Consider this for a number of reasons as follows.

Proof of identification in case your passport is lost or stolen

Having a copy of your passport would make it easier to prove your identity when you’re obtaining a passport replacement. Imagine if you have nothing to prove that you’re you. While other methods of identification exist, having the copy of the thing that you lost would help recover its replacement. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Have your passport photo with you

Who knew keeping one or two passport photos with you can be very useful during a passport replacement? If you have some of your passport photos would help avoid retaking your picture for your new passport and it may further prove your identity in some cases.

An alternative to photocopying your passport

Some photocopy settings aren’t ideal for copying passports. Some details may be too obscured and therefore makes it difficult to read. If you want to avoid this as much as possible, then photocopying is out of the question. Take your passport to scan on your computer. Then you can print it out in color.

You can also store the digital copy of your passport in your phone or at a portable drive, ready for you to print out whenever you need it. This way, you’ll have your passport with you at all times. Be wary of uploading the digital copy of your passport to a cloud drive, though. If you decide to do it, make sure to do it encrypted and make sure only you have access to the file.

What should you do when your passport is stolen or lost?

While keeping calm during this time is next to impossible, having a copy of your passport ready would help keep you from outright panicking. Being prepared pays off. Contact your closest embassy as soon as you realize that your passport is nowhere to be found after you look for them at all of the places you can think of. After this, the embassy will ask you to prove your identity. Having a copy of your passport with you would help the process tremendously.

Once again, being prepared would pay off. For all it’s worth, having things prepared beforehand help ease the mental burden when the worse comes to worst (a.k.a. losing your passport).

Remember that the copy of your passport is still sensitive information

Guard the copy of your passport—be it digital or physical—as you would your real passport. The information contained in the copy of your passport is still the same information and therefore, have the potential to be exploited just like your authentic one.

Travelling to Some Rebuilt Historic Places around the World

Traveling to historic places is always fascinating because there is so much story behind a simple structure or landmark. Every piece of the place holds a long history to be explored by people who haven’t even born yet at that time. There is a misunderstanding that only old people like visiting historical places. In fact, lots of young travelers like visiting those places because they do want to know the story behind each one of them. Historic places hold every secret and they are the solid proof of something that happened in the past.

Some rebuilt historic places worth travelling for

The problems of historic structures or places are they keep aging so they are prone to break. Lots of historic structures reported to be damaged due to accidental or natural occurrences. There are some historic places in the world that have been rebuilt to keep their existence. They are worth traveling for and here are some of them:

  • Hiroshima Castle is located in Japan. Hiroshima was one of the most affected places after the bombing during World War II. Thus, the Hiroshima Castle got affected by the blast. This 500 years old castle collapsed after the bombing. Then, the main keep of the castle was rebuilt in 1957. Today, it functions as a museum where you can explore the Hiroshima’s pre-war history.
  • Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuhan, China. It was destroyed back then to 223 A.D. it had been through rebuilt for twelve times. The reconstruction process didn’t involve strangers. However, the tower now is in a new location which is situated less than a mile from its original location. Recent rebuilt happened in 1985. Even though it was a very old structure, it is now equipped with modern technology such as an elevator.
  • Stari Most is located in Mostar, Bosnia. It is Bosnia’s iconic bridge which is also known as Old Bridge. It was bombarded back then in 1990s by gunfire during the Croat-Bosniak war. The bridge collapsed into the river below. However, it was reconstructed after the war using local materials and stones from the original bridge. Aside from enjoying the view. You can also visit this bridge for cliff-diving. There is even annual bridge-jumping hosted in this bridge during summer.
  • Ribeira Palace is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace was one of the most affected are of one of the deadliest earthquakes in the city of Lisbon in 1755. The buildings around the city were damaged both by the water and fire. During the recovery of the city, the square was also rebuilt. The lost palace is now known and rebranded as the Square of Commerce.
  • Fort Manoel is located in Valetta, Malta. It was originally built in the 18th century by Fort Manoel, the Knights of Malta. It was used to house the British military but was ruined during WWII. Then, there was restoration in 2001 after fell into disrepair in 1964. This place is famous today due to its use as a filming location for the infamous Game of Thrones.

What to Do During a 12-hour Layover During Your Travel?

Take into consideration what time of day is your layover. And do consider: perhaps sleeping may just be your best layover plan? There’s absolutely no need to plan out your layover if you arrive at 9 pm there. It’s a blessing. All you have to do is arrange for a comfortable place to get proper sleep. Take advantage of this sort layover to replenish your energy Don’t rush out going to experience the city’s nightlife just yet. A layover is not the time for that, no matter how exciting the city you’re in at that moment.

Even when you do not arrive during the night if you feel tired, then getting some sleep would be in your best interest. Don’t mule over how you’re wasting time not being able to explore. It’s not your destination anyway. So don’t force it.

Take the time to take care of yourself

Wash your face, brush your teeth, get a change of clothes—whatever your routine consists of to get you to freshen up a bit. And of course, if you need it; sleep! One could argue that there’s no better way to spend a long layover than sleep. Get a proper place to sleep and get refreshed. 

Go on a day-trip 

Going on a day trip seemed to be the one thing that many people have in mind when they have several hours of layover. And 12 hours layover often would give you that opportunity. Start researching nearby destinations that you can try out. It’s best to focus on just one place or one activity. Make sure to factor in commute time to and from the airport as well as possible obstacles such as the traffic during rush hours or otherwise. 

Focusing on one thing one layover 

The more we feel constrained, the more we want. That’s what usually happen at any given scenario. Don’t try to squeeze in so many things into your 12-hour itinerary. As we’ve mentioned above, focus instead on just a single thing you’d like to do. Start researching nearby places to the airport that you’re interested in. Pick one and follow through.

A brilliant way to enjoy a place in a short amount of time is enjoying the food! This can be anything from trying out things sold at street food stalls to fine dining or enjoying a hearty lunch. Trying out some of the local food during your layover is one of the most effective ways to enjoy your layover—who doesn’t love a satisfying meal? Not only it would make your layover enjoyable, going out for some food is a good way for you to recharge your energy for the next journey. It’s one of the ways to escape from airline food for awhile and get you back to being energized. 

Remember to give a generous cushion to your time 

Plan to go back to the airport five to six hours before your departure time. That means if you have a 12 hours layover, you have less than six hours to go on a day trip including time to commute. Most airports are located around one hour ride from the city center. So this is something important to consider. You’ll fare better in making the best of your time by focusing on just one place or one activity instead of trying to sample each and everything that interests you.  

What to Do Before Getting a Tattoo in Bali?

Once you step foot at the overwhelmingly busy streets of Kuta, you’ll encounter tattoo parlors seemingly tucked at every corner of the street. it’s easy to find places willing to ink you. But picking the right tattoo shop is a bit more difficult than that. 

Many things in Bali are cheap, including getting inked  

Bali is known as one of the most affordable destinations in the world. Coupled with gorgeous beaches and tropical vibes, Bali has been a sure destination many people wish to tick off their bucket list. The exchange rate also works in your favor. 

However, Bali is evidently not the cheapest place to live in Indonesia. Living cost in Bali proved one of the most expensive in the country, in fact. This is why prior research is extremely important. Knowing the price range would help a lot in determining whether a service is actually affordable or leaning onto the side of being too cheap. 

Knowing what you want 

An impulsive tattoo decision is out of the question. Even if you’re getting inked by your favorite artist and feel honored to have any artwork created by them, your artist won’t appreciate you coming to them without the slightest idea. Give your artist something to work with.

The importance of planning before you decide on getting inked 

Planning would pay off. Good tattoo parlors in Bali, like in any other place, would encourage consultation and good communication with your artists. Gather pictures, note down descriptions, and make sure to communicate them to your tattoo artist. While your artist may not be a native English speaker, a professional one would try their best to accommodate what you want. And therefore, it’s your job to communicate to them eye to eye.

Researching your tattoo artist 

Once you know the style or even the picture you wanted, it’s now time to take the time to head-hunt the artist that would be able to execute what you need. Ideally, you pick a tattoo artist in Bali (whether a Balinese or a traveling tattoo artist) who have similar styles with the artwork that you want for your tattoo. Each tattoo artist has a different expertise. And while there are certainly generalists among tattoo artists, you’ll find having it done by someone by someone who’s familiar with their own expertise is going to be worth it. 

Adjusting your holiday plan to your tattoo decision 

Let’s put this plainly. You can’t swim if you decide to get a tattoo in Bali. Not in the ocean, not in your hotel bathroom. It’s advised that you only take a shower during the time of the healing of your tattoo. The water in the ocean, especially ones that are crowded like Kuta and Sanur, would bring forth bacteria to your skin in no time at all. This could lead to infections around your tattoo area. Why risk a nasty wound on your vacation? But what’s Bali if not plentiful of swimming and spending time in the beach? Find something else to do with your itinerary. You’ll find that Bali is more than just its beaches. 

Traveling in Greece: How much does It Cost to Travel in Greece?

We really want to share to you about tips and guide on traveling in Greece because this place is not only a stunning destination but also affordable at some points.  This place is definitely the favorite of those who love ocean landscapes, delectable foods, and distinct architecture. Traveling around Greece on a budget is not something impossible for sure. As we have mentioned earlier, it can be pretty affordable for a place to travel around not to mention how friendly the local is.

traveling to greece mykonos

Travel costs to Greece

Accommodation cost

When it comes to the accommodation cost in the case of traveling in Greece, it depends on the area you are planning to explore. A dorm room will cost between USD 11 and USD 40 per person while a private room costs between USD 30 and USD 45 per room. It could be cheaper in Athens but more expensive in Mykonos and other similar islands. If you prefer a budget hotel for two, it costs between USD 30 and USD 50 but the rate could be higher on a peak season. Or you may consider trying shared rooms on Airbnb.

Food cost

Greece is well-known for its delectable food. If you are a fan of Mediterranean diet who loves fresh olives, yogurt, feta cheese, bread, grilled meats, and seafood, you will be spoiled in Greece. A nice dinner in a restaurant may cost about USD 25 in the tourist area. Including wine on your menu will cost USD 35. You can even get a nice meal in a luxurious restaurant for about USD 35 and USD 21 for one whole fish.

If you want something cheaper, gyros might be suitable for you. It is something like kebabs and it costs around USD 4. If you prefer to cook your own food then you may expect to pay for around USD 45 per week for groceries. It includes chicken, veggies, pasta, and other basic foods.

Activities and tour

Taking a city tour and visiting ancient sites in the country will cost around USD 30 for the ticket. If you try another activity like kayaking, banana boats, and parasailing on the island then you need to add USD 50 more. Diving trips start from USD 65 and wandering around the island with ATVs for one-day costs around USD 25,

When to go to Greece

The peak season in Greece is between June and August when the summer comes. The temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius. You may figure out that Mykonos and Santorini are full of visitors in those months. Besides, all prices and rates get higher. Still, the atmosphere is great during the summer.

If you intend to go backpacking to Greece, we recommend you to try spring and fall or between March and May to September and October. The warm is still there but the crowds are considerably decreased. The prices and rates got cheaper as well, which will allow you to chit-chat with the locals more easily. Meanwhile, during the winter islands like Santorini and Mykonos are commonly shut down entirely. And this is the end section of traveling in Greece.