Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand with many interesting places to explore. One of the busiest spots is the Grand Palace. Tourists from all over the world swarm this spot on daily basis. This place is remarkable because it holds Thai history and culture. The place itself stands on 2.35 million square feet. The Grand Palace grounds are considered large but still not enough to accommodate everyone. This palace is also said to be the birthplace of Bangkok itself.  

About Bangkok’s Grand Palace

If you plan to visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace when travel in Thailand, make sure to come early and be more patience. Visiting the place is rewarding but the main thing you should focus on is to enjoy the place not to suffer. 

The Emerald Buddha is the most popular spot visited by travelers and tourists alike since it is considered as the most important image of Buddha in the country. The place is often crowded by them so if you think it is impossible to pass through the crowd to check out the place, do not force yourself. There are still many other interesting spots you can check off. 

Bangkok’s Grand Palace is accessible but you can get to the place on your own way. It is often that tourists and travelers have to deal with persistent upselling delivered by drivers. To avoid dealing with them, you can make your own way to get to the place by getting off the roads and taking advantage of the water. You can take river taxi which is less expensive. There is also benefit by taking boat such as seeing the Chao Phraya River from up close. 

The open hours of Bangkok’s Grand Palace is from 8.30 a.m until 4.30 p.m. it is open seven days a week so you can choose any day. However, it is recommended to avoid weekend because the traffic can be terrible and the number of the visitors often double up. The ticket hours is only open until 3.30 p.m. thus, you have to arrive before ticket hour is closed. 

As for the entrance fee, it costs 500 baht or around US$16 per person. The fee can change at any given time. For Thai nationals, there is no fee entrance. If you wish for audio tour, you have to pay another 200 baht. You can also negotiate the price to hire human guide. It is highly suggested to hire official guide within the area. 

It is important to show adequate respect when visiting the place. You should not wear shorts or sleeveless shirt in any temple in Thailand. A dress code at Bangkok’s Grand Palace is stricter than other places in the country. Men should wear long pants while women should cover legs to just above the knee. Avoid wearing tight fitting pants, revealing clothes, sleeveless shirts, show-shoulder clothes, or t-shirt with religious themes or symbol of death. Also, remove your footwear before entering the place.