It will be very easy to understand why Ubud is so popular as a tourist area. There are many activities you can do in Ubud. Visit yoga studios, cozy cafes, restaurants with delicious food, until the holy temples. International travelers, especially Europeans, really like the unique relaxed atmosphere in this part of Bali. There is also the phrase “meet artists in Ubud”. Many painters, writers or creative individuals who choose to reside in Ubud villas to get inspiration in the middle of a beautiful rural environment. Ubud is indeed a beautiful place where you can witness the beauty and richness of Balinese culture that is comprehensive. So, what can we do in Ubud?

Ubud villas with a private pool

Meet the Monkey

forest monkey ubud

Do you want to overcome the fear of monkeys? You should try visiting the monkey forest or also called the sacred monkey sanctuary. You can explore the forest area and release laughter when you see other tourists being chased by monkeys. You can release the fear of unfounded monkeys. Forest monkey is open every day from 8.30 am to 6 pm. Entrance fees are IDR 50,000 (adults), and IDR 40,000 (ages 3-12 years). Many travelers also build relationships with monkeys by giving food. Make sure you save everything that is valuable like a cell phone because you don’t know when their fad comes.

Stay in Ubud villas with premium facilities

Villas are indeed very much in demand. International travelers who vacation for a long time indeed prefer Ubud villas as an accommodation option. They chose a villa in an unusual area that many domestic travelers ordered. For example Ubud villas in the middle of rice fields that are very close to nature. The travelers from Europe, Australia, Japan, and several other countries greatly admire the natural beauty of Ubud, especially seeing the rice terrace that makes it cool. Many of them use the time to do activities that are rarely done in their home countries. The facilities and services of Ubud villas are very satisfying for travelers even though the villa they ordered is a little far from the main road.

Soak in Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul has springs that come out naturally in the temple area. The water then flows through a fountain of 26 which is divided into 3 ponds. The westernmost pool has 13 showers, the middle pool 8 showers while the easternmost pool has 5 showers. Tirta Empul has regulations for travelers to change clothes if they intend to bathe in a pool, may not use soap or shampoo. Behind the shower, there is a temple for Hindus to perform religious ceremonies and rituals. The travelers can also enter the temple area as long as they can maintain the attitude and respect of Hinduism who are worshiping.

Tegallalang Rice Field

It is a fact that almost all of Bali is covered in rice fields. Tegallalang rice field is one of the most popular when you visit or quiz in Ubud. Even the Tegallalang rice field is even one of the assets and reasons for travelers who love Ubud so much.

Open the Iner Zen

One activity that is no less popular throughout the world is yoga in Ubud. There are many yoga classes held in several Ubud villas that you can go to. Meditating and doing yoga in Ubud offers a calm, cool and unique atmosphere that you can’t find in other tourist destinations.