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Simple Step to Find Cheap Bali Villas Seminyak

So you have decided to plan a trip to Seminyak, Bali? With its relaxed atmosphere, Seminyak is a great choice for those looking for breathtaking nature along with stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re going to spend two days or one week in Seminyak, or longer. You”ll find plenty of exciting things to do, a luxury villa is also a great option to spend an unforgettable holiday in Seminyak. Staying in Seminyak villas is ideal for all holiday types including for friends, couples, and big families. Choosing the perfect villas Seminyak for a relaxing break should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. So here are some tips to help you save time, refine your search and find cheap Bali villas Seminyak!

Simple Step to Find Cheap Bali Villas Seminyak

How to find cheap Bali villas Seminyak?

Think location

Would you like a beach view? Do you want to be in or near a Seminyak main street with a buzz? Or do you need to be far enough away to not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of party life? Picking the best location is an important thing. Remember, there is no point finding cheap Bali Villas Seminyak if it is miles out of the main street. Stay in a central area close to the local attractions, stunning beaches, fancy restaurants, or bars. This will help you to save time and money.

Stay more than one night

Many villa providers offer their hot deals when you stay more than one night, especially in the off-season. For instance, stay fifth nights, Get the sixth night Free. Some villas Seminyak will give your discount rates if you stay for a longer time. Book the villa immediately whenever you find this kind of villa deal!

Book advance to get Cheap Bali Villas Seminyak

Plan an early trip to Seminyak and book your villa stay early to get it at the lowest rates. Consider booking three months in advance! Some villas offer early booking discounts to their guests who make early bookings. Therefore, book advance can help you save money and use it around while you stroll Seminyak street.

Travel in shoulder season

The season is defined as the period between off-peak and holiday seasons. It can be the period just before or after the holiday season. Villa rates will usually be lower than in the holiday season, although perhaps not cheap as low as in the off-peak season. For instance, when visiting Seminyak consider going in May or September and avoid July and August.

Searching for last-minute villa deals

It’s true that booking a room last minute can sometimes save your money. Many villas often have last-minute deals if they are trying to sell any remaining villa. For last-minute villa deals, you need to book one or two weeks before departure, because the rates often rise sharply in the last couple of days.

Things That Can Offend People During Your Travel to Other Countries

Things That Can Offend People During Your Travel to Other Countries

It is important to keep in mind that travelling to different countries means you need more preparation especially in learning the travel etiquette. It is because every country has different culture which make them apply different codes and rules. Travelers are visitors so it is a must to follow the travel etiquette to respects the people in the countries they are visiting. If you are planning to visit other countries, make sure to know things that can offend them so you know not to do any of them during your visit.

Avoid offending people when travelling to different countries

Culture around the world is diverse. We live believing one thing and it may not be the same for others born in different place. However, it is a must to respect each other regardless of the culture or things you believe in. When travelling to other countries, these things might offend the locals:

Eating with your left hand. Most countries in the Middle East, India, and some parts of Africa, people usually use right hand for eating. Meanwhile, left hand is used for doing something considered dirty such as to be used in the bathroom. If you eat using your left hand, the locals might lose their appetite especially if you eat in communal area where the locals are.

Sitting in the back seat of the taxi when you are alone. In New Zealand and Australia, this thing is considered impolite or unusual. Most people there sitting in the front seat when catching the cab alone. There is no rule saying that you must not sit in the back seat. But if you do, the drivers might think you are stuck up.

Be careful when giving flowers especially if you are travelling to Ukraine. The number of flower can signify different meanings. For example, even numbers of flowers are only reserved for funeral bouquets. If you want to give flowers to your friends during your visit in Ukraine, make sure that the numbers are odd not even unless you are giving it during a funeral.

Be careful with your gesture such as when you use V gesture with your hand. V is not only considered a good gesture especially in the United Kingdom. If you use two fingers with the palm inward. It is considered insulting. Hence, flip your hand around for the palm to face forward instead so the meaning is more peaceful than offending. However, in most Asian countries, V gesture with hands or fingers are common and don’t have offensive meaning. In fact, people there often take a picture with V hands.

Be mindful when using your foot to gesture something. Avoid using foot to point out something especially when you are travelling in Asia, the Middle East, and India. Foot is considered the lowest and most unclean part of the body as well in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries. Hence, do not point anything using any part of your foot even if it is only your toe because it means you are being disrespectful.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Are you going to Raja Ampat for your new normal adventure? The choices are awesome! Going on a Raja Ampat is something exhilarating thanks to its remoteness and the natural beauty of the island. Nowday, more travelers are taking the chance to visit the gorgeous and pristine Raja Ampat with Raja Ampat liveaboard. A luxury ship that offers an experience of living in a boat while exploring the beauty of the island to every exotic spot. If you are feeling a little nervous and you’re relatively new to liveaboard adventure it can be hard to know how to get the most out of your island trip, this article will help you to make the most out of your trip ever!

Make sure to pack light and right for Raja Ampat Liveaboard trip

Keep in mind, some liveaboard cabins don’t have that much space for your bags. Hoodie, swimwear, skincare, seasick medication, a few comfy outfits and something to keep you warm on the trip is really all you need here. So you really don’t need that much!

Don’t be too hard to yourself!

As we know a Raja Ampat liveaboard journey is exciting. It’s a chance to trying new experience everything to the max. But if you go too hard on this trip, whether that’s with the socializing with new friends on deck, diving, or the other activities. At the end, you will end up so exhausted so you don’t have enough energy to enjoy the full journey. If you do have enough energy to do all the dives in one day, then go for it! But if you realize that three dives a day will leave you exhausted then it’s a great idea to skip a few and save your energy for other fun activities. One of the amazing things about skipping a dive on a liveaboard trip is that you get the free time to really enjoy the liveaboard facilities.

Rest your body and recharge your soul

Take some time alone to recharge your soul and mind. Get a little sunshine, fresh air and go chill out in your deck and cabin. If you want to enjoy the journey, make sure to take good care of your body. Make sure to stay properly hydrated, stretch, eat well. After that, get plenty of sleep and don’t forget to bring any medication you need.

Keep in touch with the crew of Raja Ampat Liveaboard

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Wayag Papua, A Little Piece of Heaven

The crew onboard are just wonderful and really deliver an exceptional service and experience. They are full of invaluable knowledge that can not only help you make the most of your current trip but also your future liveaboard journey! If you’re feeling a little nervous about the trip, don’t be shy to speak with the crew. Even just voicing your concerns can help you enjoy and relax, and the crew onboard will help you to give a simple solution to your problem or concern.

How to Have A Satisfying, Meaningful Travel Experience

Many travelers have canceled their travel plan following the situation with covid-19. hence, many of them are more doubtful about having good travel experience because something unexpected might happen again after they plan their trip thoroughly well. However, a satisfying travel experience doesn’t have to be about having everything according to your plan. It is more satisfying when you have a meaningful travel experience that can make you feel happier during and after.

What to do to have a satisfying, meaningful travel experience

How to Have A Satisfying, Meaningful Travel Experience

It is predicted that ‘revenge travel’ will be the upcoming trend after the global pandemic ends. People will get more enthusiast to go outside after being refrained for so long that they will be more willing to splurge on their money for a well-deserved trip. However, you don’t have to follow the trend even if it happens. You can still have satisfying, meaningful travel by doing it your own way. Here are some tips to do so:

Instead of being on a ‘revenge mode’, why not sticking to sustainability. Sustainable travel has been proved times and times again to bring more advantages to the environment as well as local economy. If you don’t really know how to implement sustainability during travel, you can opt for a sustainable travel from trusted company. Choose company who operates responsibly. Choose the ones who takes honest action concerning sustainability.

Instead of going for a luxurious dining experience, why not just letting your taste buds guide you. There is nothing wrong with having a fine dining experience during a trip. However, if you just do it just for the sake of following the hype or trend, then you may not get the level of satisfaction you expected. Therefore, you can let your taste bud guide you. Make dining experience a great chance to know more about the local culture and traditions. You can try variety of authentic cuisines of the place you are visiting. Every place has their own unique flavors and nuances worth travelling for.

Leave your expectations for a perfect travel behind. Don’t fall to the trend posts on social media. Some people on social media like to hype things to raise excitement and expectation of others. You might end up disappointed if you let your expectation run too high. Find necessary information about your travel plan and destination and just enjoy your journey during the trip. Don’t expect your destination to be as picture perfect as what people show you on social media.

Get connected more during the trip. Make your trip as a great moment to build stronger bond with your travel buddies be it your friends or families. Also, focus more on your surroundings. Let yourself see the beauty of the trip through your own eyes. Take a deep breath to know the natural scent of the place. And interact more with the locals. Do not focus on negative side of your destination because it will only ruin your moods.

Wayag Papua, A Little Piece of Heaven

Wayag Papua

With a background of pristine beaches, lush green, colorful reefs and soft sand, Wayag Papua has a claim as the most magnificent place on earth. The island of Wayag is as magically beautiful as what you see in the photos of tourism magazine about Raja Ampat. The island is surrounded by a cluster of uninhabited smaller islands with the crystal clear waters, pristine beaches. Here, you find magical beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. Wayag has extraordinary beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms above the sea. Along these pristine beaches, you can see amazing fairy tale panoramas, you also can find the various types of fauna and flora that live underwater.

How to reach Wayag Papua

The island of Wayag is in fact not the easiest destination to visit, but the infrastructure is getting better nowadays. To reach Marinda Airport in Waisai, you can fly via a flight from Manado or Sorong. Then you have to charter a boat from Waisai to Wayag Island. Boats shouldn’t be hard to find at Waisai, but the price can be quite overpriced for a solo traveler. So the best choice for Raja Ampat Trip is by group.

Get Around via liveaboard

How to get around in Wayag Papua actually depends on where you want to stay.  Make sure to plan your trip carefully. There are two options you can choose, stay at a resort or book a liveaboard. If you decide to stay at a resort, you need to rent a boat to visit Wayag. The other way to visit and enjoy the island by liveaboards. You just need to sit, relax and enjoy the breeze in your luxury cabin and let the boat crew pass the beautiful islands. Living on free seas while enjoying the nature of beauty will be an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Spending the day on the Wayag Island

Diving is the highlight activity in Wayag Island. There are many dive sites you can explore here. So, apart from enjoying the beauty of the island from above, you can also enjoy its underwater life. Once you get in the water, you can see beautiful stunning corals with different shapes and colors. You would never regret it, for sure.

The next thing to do is sightseeing. There are features of several small karst islands, on which travelers can witness.  You also have the chance to climb the karst’s hills. You only need 30 minutes to see the breathtaking view!One of my most favourite trips is a full day picnic on the tropical beach. Pick a perfect spot in the sand away from the rising tide. You need to get special food ready, and bring your thick beach blanket. Turn on your favorite playlist, and enjoy your day!

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Travel Tips for Couple

Travel Tips for Couple

Travelling with your partner can be a dream comes true or a nightmare. Even if you are getting a long so well at home, doesn’t mean it will be the same during a trip. Sometime, a trip can truly show the real you. However, you don’t have to be afraid of having a trip with your partner. There are many people who have been successful in travelling as couple. Compromise and communication are said to be the most critical factors for smooth, meaningful travel for couple.

How to have successful trip with your partner

Travel Tips for Couple

One thing that makes many travelers concern when travelling with their partners is having arguments. It can dampen the moods, making the situation awkward and uncomfortable, and such. However, another important thing you need to be concerned with is sharing responsibilities.

When it comes to travel, you need to plan it from the beginning to end. Since it is a couple travel, you may have different needs and wants for the trip to be as enjoyable for both of you. Thus, discussion is a must. You cannot just plan everything based on what you want, unless your partner agree to it. For this matter, compromise and communication can be the key for successful travel plan.

Even during travel preparations there are many different tasks to perform. This is where you have to share responsibilities. It is highly suggested to split the tasks so the trip can run smoothly. You can split which of you who are in charge of booking accommodation and transportation, listing what to pack, and preparing the schedule. This doesn’t have to be stressful. You can divide the task based on what you each is good at. For example, if you are good at organizing things then maybe you are best handling packing and scheduling. And give the booking task to your partner if they are good in communicating and vice versa.

During the trip, you can also divide responsibilities. For example, you are in charge of making sure that you lock the room hence you are the key bearer. Meanwhile, your partner is in charge in navigating the route. Those are maybe small, simple roles to perform. However, even small things can lead to arguments such as forgetting where the keys are. By splitting even the smallest tasks, it can save you from unnecessary fights.

For some couples, splitting responsibilities might have come naturally because they are used to it in their daily lives. However, not every couple are as natural. Thus, travelling can be a challenging experience. It should not discourage you to have successful travel experience with your partner because it is possible. As mentioned earlier, you need to compromise and communicate. Splitting responsibilities is one of the ways you can do to make successful trip with partner happen.

When splitting tasks, be more understanding with each other. Know what your partner strength and weakness so the responsibilities you both have to perform are not a burden. Also, be supportive to each other during the trip.

Papua Trip, How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

Papua Trip

After being locked down for months thanks to the coronavirus, people are finally starting to step outside, want to stretch their legs, see something beautiful other than a phone screen, and want to relieve their stress. Now, many of us are starting to make plans for short holidays, whether you’re visiting a family house or going to amazing places. If you are going to look at the amazing places now, Papua Trip is the best recommendation for you. You can enjoy gorgeous natural scenery above and beyond its waters. With all the spectacular wonder here, this is truly the place where words such as stunning, beautiful, and magnificent. To help you travel safely, here are some travel safety guidelines during the days of the coronavirus.

How to stay safe during Papua Trip when traveling in pandemic?

Papua Trip

COVID-19 Test – First tips, you should get the COVID 19 test before travelling. Visitors will be required to show their recent negative COVID-19 test results before starting their amazing Papua Trip.

Keep your mask on – During your Papua Trip activities, it’s important to keep up the habit of wearing a face-covering whenever you go to someplace, even if it’s just down to the lobby hotels. So wear a comfortable mask that fits well on you.

Bring sanitizing wipes – Sanitizing wipes make it easy to disinfect anything that you touch when you’re on travel. It’s important to regularly clean the down chairs, table, phone, public bathroom when you use it. Sanitizing wipes help to prevent the spread of germs and infection. Remember, you need to limit contact with commonly touched surfaces or shared items during the trip.

Physical Distance – Make sure that you stay at least six feet away from others who are not in your immediate family during the trip. It means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people and trying to limit contact while checking into your room, get breakfast delivered and purchase tickets to tourist destinations.

Wash Your Hands – Wash your hands. Whenever you have the chance during activities, hit the sink. Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer are best in a pinch, but nothing beats washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Stock up on essential items. Make sure you bring plenty of face masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes. Put all the necessary things to ziplock, so you can easily store and take face coverings, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Pack Hand Sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is a must during this trip. Pack your hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Keep hand sanitizer within reach.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle – Pack your reusable Water Bottle for all family members, to less contact drinking options on the trip. Don’t forget to bring dish soap if you are going to wash them out before reuse!

Avoid – Remember, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth!

Prepare medicines kit- When you’re on a trip, having a medical 1st aid kit could come in handy. Pack all the medications you might need with the essentials such as Band-Aids and disinfectant spray. Pack them in a plastic carry-on.   

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Choosing the Best Rental Company For Your Road Travel

Having a road travel is consider less risky during this pandemic. Public transportation such as buses or airplanes put you at risk of exposure to the virus. Of course, you still can take precautions to travel safely using public transport. However, the risk is still high. It is hard now to decide safe or unsafe in clear line. What we can do is how to minimize the risk of contact and virus infection. If you really have to travel, choosing a car rental is a good alternative.

How to choose the right rental company

Even if you plan to take a road travel for your trip, it is still essential to take some precautions. For example, packing necessary items such as hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves (if needed). so you can still practice good hygiene on the road. Then, you can pack your own foods, snacks, and drinks. Therefore, you don’t have to stop at the restaurant to have your meals.

It is also a must to practice social distancing. For example, if you have to stop for toilet breaks, stay six feet away from others. Cover your mouth with your elbow if you cough or sneeze even if you wear a mask already. Avoid physical contact with others. Wash your hands after.

When it comes to choosing a rental company, there are some considerations to take.

Always plan ahead. It means you have to book as far in advance as you can. The situation with covid has made car renting at the highest peak that some companies are experiencing shortage. Therefore, plan ahead so you know which company to choose and see the availability of the car you want to rent.

Consider airport rental. It can be good alternative because airport rentals now receive fewer bookings now. However, the price goes higher due to extra fees during covid. However, they are more reliable in providing more vehicles. So if you don’t mind higher expense, you can consider airport rental for more car availability.

Before making a deal, read and understand the term of booking. It is better to consider choosing cancelable booking with a full refund if you choose prepay. Refundable term is now chosen more by people because of the uncertainty with the situation following the pandemic. Therefore, you can also apply the same strategy when booking your accommodation.

Opt for contactless service. Choose rental company who offer contactless pickup for safety and simplicity. You can complete all the checks-in through your phone so you don’t have to visit the counter or kiosk directly. Then, you can directly go to the car you choose to start your journey. Make sure that the company you choose also follow guidelines for the safety and hygiene.

It is also important to find more information about the guidelines of travel before you go. So you will be more prepared of what to do for safe road travel. Always follow guidelines to ensure your safety and others.

Ultimate Kri Island Raja Ampat Honeymoon Guide

Kri Island Raja Ampat

If you’re planning to visit Kri Island Raja Ampat as a honeymoon destination, congratulations! You picked one of the best honeymoon trips on the earth! Raja Ampat spans over 40.000 km2, and there are 1.500 tiny islands. Many of these islands offer a peaceful paradise. Making it a perfect destination to explore with your partners. Starting from the white-sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, the coral reefs, and marine life. A honeymoon trip should be exciting and unforgettable. You should find places where you and your partner can spend quality time exploring nature and relaxing. But you must be confused; where do you even begin planning a honeymoon trip to the Kri? When it comes to a place to stay on the island. Where to go there, and the fun things to do. No need to worry; here is everything to know before you go on a honeymoon trip!

How to Get There

A trip to Kri Island Raja Ampat can be relatively long and tiring. You first need to fly from Jakarta to Waisai City’s Marinda Airport. From there, you can continue the trip to Waisai Port and then ride a speedboat to Kri Island.

What are the best things to do in Kri Island Raja Ampat? 

Diving and snorkeling- The best activities on the island are the formation of stunning corals. The stunning corals are scattered all over those snorkeling and diving spots so that travelers can explore it easily. Snorkeling and diving are pretty much what it’s all you need to do here. Some diver lovers say that Kri’s reefs are the best on Raja Ampat Island. No matter where you go, the variety of colorful coral, fish, and other shelled bits and pieces is beyond compare. Discovers the underwater life from brightly colored fish and manta rays and views corals’ rarest while enjoying one of the water activities.

The next thing you can do is hiking. Strap on your sneakers or hiking boots and spend your honeymoon by long beautiful beach walks along the north coast at low tide. At low tide, you are able to cross the sandbanks to Mansuar and the small islet of Ransiwor. You can see the sandbank shallows contain lots of interesting creatures awaiting the tide’s return. Remember, make sure you know the time the tide returns if you plan to walk back to Kri!

Visiting the nearby village is a good choice for your honeymoon trip. Plan your trip to Yenbuba. You can learn about the local culture and try local food in the town. Some villagers live as a fisherman; they use a traditional method in catching the fish. Isn’t it unique? You can see all the unique attractions when visiting Yenbuba.

What to Pack for your holiday?

Don’t bring such things. You will be in your swimsuit every day of your trip to the Kri. So, it would be best if you packed your swimwear accordingly. If you want to visit the local village, you should prepare an appropriate outfit for a visit to a local. Cameras, hats, glasses, beach dresses and a pair of beach sandals are musts. To ensure a sunburn-free trip, make sure to apply some sunscreens before you leave on your face.

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Keeping Up With Growing Team

To make a good leadership, it is important to keep up with your employees on an individual level. Your team might be started very small consisting only 3-5 members. Over the time, it grows and allow you to hire more people to join.

Team work

Maintaining that one-on-one connection with each member becomes more challenging. However, it is not something you can skip because it is essential to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It is also a must-do for you as the leader so you can monitor their performance.

Maintaining regular connections with growing team

Giving regular performance feedback to your key team member is a must to ensure that they are still in best performance. Also, this way you will know if something blocking them from doing their best performance. Staying connected to your growing team as your company grows can be done in variety of effective ways, such as:

Having virtual coffee with one member per week. Even if you are still implementing work from home policy, you can still keep up with your team through virtual coffee. It is good to rotate so each week you have different member to chat with. You can discuss about many things not necessarily about work-related topics. Add necessary feedback you can give to each other. 

You don’t have to wait for a formal meeting to address an issue. Being direct is more useful because waiting won’t give you any answer for something you or your team members question about. Also, encourage your team members to reach out to you if there are some issue bothering their work. For example, you can just tell your team if you think the way the email was framed needs to be changed. When things get addressed, it can avoid unnecessary hassles in the future. Also, it is better way to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Create good leadership team. As a leader, you have different teams under you. It will be very challenging to keep up with each member of each team. Hence, you can appoint one of the right staff to leadership-positions. Therefore, it is more organized. Make sure that you give equal opportunity to each team to still interact with you whenever. Delegating to team leaders is also a way for you to ensure that you still care for your growing team as your company grows. 

You don’t have to generalize your method in having one-on-one connection or chat with your team members or team leaders. Every team and members may have different communication styles. Hence, you can personalize each of them based on their communication styles and motivations. This way, the feedback given will be more on-point. Remember that as the team and company grows, so does the complexity of connection. 

It is also important to acknowledge the performance of your team member not only in weekly or monthly review but also whenever you hear about their achievement. You can send personalized email to your member who has done something outstanding. Congratulate them and give them feedback to show appreciation and gratitude.

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