Traveling to historic places is always fascinating because there is so much story behind a simple structure or landmark. Every piece of the place holds a long history to be explored by people who haven’t even born yet at that time. There is a misunderstanding that only old people like visiting historical places. In fact, lots of young travelers like visiting those places because they do want to know the story behind each one of them. Historic places hold every secret and they are the solid proof of something that happened in the past.

Some rebuilt historic places worth travelling for

The problems of historic structures or places are they keep aging so they are prone to break. Lots of historic structures reported to be damaged due to accidental or natural occurrences. There are some historic places in the world that have been rebuilt to keep their existence. They are worth traveling for and here are some of them:

  • Hiroshima Castle is located in Japan. Hiroshima was one of the most affected places after the bombing during World War II. Thus, the Hiroshima Castle got affected by the blast. This 500 years old castle collapsed after the bombing. Then, the main keep of the castle was rebuilt in 1957. Today, it functions as a museum where you can explore the Hiroshima’s pre-war history.
  • Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuhan, China. It was destroyed back then to 223 A.D. it had been through rebuilt for twelve times. The reconstruction process didn’t involve strangers. However, the tower now is in a new location which is situated less than a mile from its original location. Recent rebuilt happened in 1985. Even though it was a very old structure, it is now equipped with modern technology such as an elevator.
  • Stari Most is located in Mostar, Bosnia. It is Bosnia’s iconic bridge which is also known as Old Bridge. It was bombarded back then in 1990s by gunfire during the Croat-Bosniak war. The bridge collapsed into the river below. However, it was reconstructed after the war using local materials and stones from the original bridge. Aside from enjoying the view. You can also visit this bridge for cliff-diving. There is even annual bridge-jumping hosted in this bridge during summer.
  • Ribeira Palace is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace was one of the most affected are of one of the deadliest earthquakes in the city of Lisbon in 1755. The buildings around the city were damaged both by the water and fire. During the recovery of the city, the square was also rebuilt. The lost palace is now known and rebranded as the Square of Commerce.
  • Fort Manoel is located in Valetta, Malta. It was originally built in the 18th century by Fort Manoel, the Knights of Malta. It was used to house the British military but was ruined during WWII. Then, there was restoration in 2001 after fell into disrepair in 1964. This place is famous today due to its use as a filming location for the infamous Game of Thrones.