Take into consideration what time of day is your layover. And do consider: perhaps sleeping may just be your best layover plan? There’s absolutely no need to plan out your layover if you arrive at 9 pm there. It’s a blessing. All you have to do is arrange for a comfortable place to get proper sleep. Take advantage of this sort layover to replenish your energy Don’t rush out going to experience the city’s nightlife just yet. A layover is not the time for that, no matter how exciting the city you’re in at that moment.

Even when you do not arrive during the night if you feel tired, then getting some sleep would be in your best interest. Don’t mule over how you’re wasting time not being able to explore. It’s not your destination anyway. So don’t force it.

Take the time to take care of yourself

Wash your face, brush your teeth, get a change of clothes—whatever your routine consists of to get you to freshen up a bit. And of course, if you need it; sleep! One could argue that there’s no better way to spend a long layover than sleep. Get a proper place to sleep and get refreshed. 

Go on a day-trip 

Going on a day trip seemed to be the one thing that many people have in mind when they have several hours of layover. And 12 hours layover often would give you that opportunity. Start researching nearby destinations that you can try out. It’s best to focus on just one place or one activity. Make sure to factor in commute time to and from the airport as well as possible obstacles such as the traffic during rush hours or otherwise. 

Focusing on one thing one layover 

The more we feel constrained, the more we want. That’s what usually happen at any given scenario. Don’t try to squeeze in so many things into your 12-hour itinerary. As we’ve mentioned above, focus instead on just a single thing you’d like to do. Start researching nearby places to the airport that you’re interested in. Pick one and follow through.

A brilliant way to enjoy a place in a short amount of time is enjoying the food! This can be anything from trying out things sold at street food stalls to fine dining or enjoying a hearty lunch. Trying out some of the local food during your layover is one of the most effective ways to enjoy your layover—who doesn’t love a satisfying meal? Not only it would make your layover enjoyable, going out for some food is a good way for you to recharge your energy for the next journey. It’s one of the ways to escape from airline food for awhile and get you back to being energized. 

Remember to give a generous cushion to your time 

Plan to go back to the airport five to six hours before your departure time. That means if you have a 12 hours layover, you have less than six hours to go on a day trip including time to commute. Most airports are located around one hour ride from the city center. So this is something important to consider. You’ll fare better in making the best of your time by focusing on just one place or one activity instead of trying to sample each and everything that interests you.