Once you step foot at the overwhelmingly busy streets of Kuta, you’ll encounter tattoo parlors seemingly tucked at every corner of the street. it’s easy to find places willing to ink you. But picking the right tattoo shop is a bit more difficult than that. 

Many things in Bali are cheap, including getting inked  

Bali is known as one of the most affordable destinations in the world. Coupled with gorgeous beaches and tropical vibes, Bali has been a sure destination many people wish to tick off their bucket list. The exchange rate also works in your favor. 

However, Bali is evidently not the cheapest place to live in Indonesia. Living cost in Bali proved one of the most expensive in the country, in fact. This is why prior research is extremely important. Knowing the price range would help a lot in determining whether a service is actually affordable or leaning onto the side of being too cheap. 

Knowing what you want 

An impulsive tattoo decision is out of the question. Even if you’re getting inked by your favorite artist and feel honored to have any artwork created by them, your artist won’t appreciate you coming to them without the slightest idea. Give your artist something to work with.

The importance of planning before you decide on getting inked 

Planning would pay off. Good tattoo parlors in Bali, like in any other place, would encourage consultation and good communication with your artists. Gather pictures, note down descriptions, and make sure to communicate them to your tattoo artist. While your artist may not be a native English speaker, a professional one would try their best to accommodate what you want. And therefore, it’s your job to communicate to them eye to eye.

Researching your tattoo artist 

Once you know the style or even the picture you wanted, it’s now time to take the time to head-hunt the artist that would be able to execute what you need. Ideally, you pick a tattoo artist in Bali (whether a Balinese or a traveling tattoo artist) who have similar styles with the artwork that you want for your tattoo. Each tattoo artist has a different expertise. And while there are certainly generalists among tattoo artists, you’ll find having it done by someone by someone who’s familiar with their own expertise is going to be worth it. 

Adjusting your holiday plan to your tattoo decision 

Let’s put this plainly. You can’t swim if you decide to get a tattoo in Bali. Not in the ocean, not in your hotel bathroom. It’s advised that you only take a shower during the time of the healing of your tattoo. The water in the ocean, especially ones that are crowded like Kuta and Sanur, would bring forth bacteria to your skin in no time at all. This could lead to infections around your tattoo area. Why risk a nasty wound on your vacation? But what’s Bali if not plentiful of swimming and spending time in the beach? Find something else to do with your itinerary. You’ll find that Bali is more than just its beaches.