Best tattoo in Bali Why Do You Tattoo?

Each individual’s motivation to get a tattoo is highly personal. While it may be clear to yourself why you’d like to get the best tattoo in Bali – are you sure of your very own intent? What motivates you to get a tattoo? Before you actually search for the best tattoo shop in Bali or search for the artists, especially if this is your firs time getting a tattoo, why not ask yourself? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people get tattoos in the first place. 

The body art is an ancient practice 

Although highly popular in modern times, tattoos are not a form of contemporary art. The practice dated back millennia. Some tribes all over the world still maintain their tradition of tattooing as a means to identify that one belongs to a certain community of tribes. This is part of why the art of tattooing is so fascinating. 

Best tattoo in Bali and self expression 

You’ve likely heard of this many times over. Tattoo is a form of self expression. This is quite apparent for the sheer variety of tattoos on each individual. Tattoo in Bali is no different. Many people get their tattoos in order to shout out a statement they don’t have to verbalize themselves. Their tattoos speak for them. 

tattoo studio seminyak

In this regard, tattoos can also be a form of rebellion. Because of the nature of self expression itself, the reasons of getting a tattoo is highly varied. But at the end of the day, if you like the artwork enough to have it etched onto your skin for the rest of your life (with responsible considerations of course), then why not go for it?

Modern subculture 

Just like how tattoo in Bali and in many other indigenous places are seen as a way to identify one self as belonging to a community, this is also the case at times with modern tattoo practice. A lot of subcultures tattoo as a way of distinguishing themselves between other communities. Whether the intent is conscious or not. Likewise, when many members of a community have tattoos on their body, peer pressure might be induced. And it could be a silent means of identifying a certain community. 

studio tattoo in bali

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Tattoo is a statement of identity 

Something that gets tattooed permanently into your very own body speaks a lot about the wearer. This is definitely the case for tattoo. While the matter of each tattoo interpretation varies greatly and they could be vague at best, the fact remains that tattoo is a silent statement. 

Action speaks louder. Or in this case, artwork speaks louder. Many people get the best tattoo in Bali island to showcase a piece of their identity to the world through their tattoo artwork on their skin. 

bali tattoo artist

Tattoo to remember something by 

A remembrance is something that many people get tattoos. And the list of things of what each individual would want to remember is endless. It could be a catastrophic life event, the death of a loved one, a mark of graduation, or something to remember your pets by. Best tattoo in Bali holds so much sentiment for humans when it comes to this aspect of tattooing. 

bali tattoo studio

Bali tattoos to remember your pets 

Are you one of those people who couldn’t live without your furry friend? Here’s some ideas on what to tattoo on your body: 

  • Paw prints of your pet
  • A portrait of your pet 
  • A portrait together with you 
  • Their name 
  • Your pet’s favorite item 

Things To Know Before Visiting Malaysia

There are many reasons why Malaysia is your perfect travel destination. It is a place where you can learn more about cultural diversity just as about the beautiful landscapes. Not to mention that Malaysia is great travel destination for Muslim travellers since it is one of the largest Muslim population countries. It is not hard to find compliant-halal foods. And for non-Muslim travellers, travelling to Malaysia still such an incredible experience because there are so many things to enjoy from foods to attractions. 

What to know before visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. It has very diverse culture which makes it more accessible for people coming from different cultural background. There is no reason for you to hesitate coming to this country. However, there is always need for precaution for travelling regardless of the destination. Learning more your travel destination can help you more prepared of what to expect.

malaysia travel
Kuala Lumpur

Transportation within the country

Transport is not really a problem in Malaysia especially if you are a fan of flying. Malaysia has AirAsia to lead the way for low-cost travels in Southeast Asia. There are 18 domestic destinations interconnected with scheduled flights from peninsular and East Malaysia. If you take taxis to help you get around Malaysia, it may result in different experience. It is said that Kuala Lumpur’s taxis are one of the worst. If you doubt you will get nice experience riding taxi, you may choose the alternative such as taking local public transportation. 

Bacon in Malaysia

The bacon in Malaysia might be different from what you used to enjoy for breakfast. If you expect your breakfast to begin with a pan full of pork, you might be a little bit disappointed because in Malaysia, there is variety of bacon. Since the majority of Malaysian population are Muslim, halal foods are easier to find. Therefore, non-halal foods like pork can be found in particular areas such as Penang where there are many Chinese restaurants are run. However, halal-foods are just delicious that even if you are non-Muslim travellers, you won’t have difficulties enjoying them. 

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Malaysia is a great place for you to experience the diversity in another field. Malaysia is a house to 20% of the world’s animal species in the ecosystem. The natural biodiversity is so stunning in Malaysia. In fact, you can visit the much older rainforest than Amazon. Malaysia has Taman Negara that has been around 130 million years. It is in fact, the oldest rainforest in the world. There are varieties of animals roaming around their habitats in the forest including tigers, elephants, orang-utans, and many more. You can also enjoy the beautiful nature in Malaysia in another way such as diving in Sipadan. 

Traveling to Malaysia during Ramadhan

You can still travel comfortably in Malaysia even during Ramadhan, a special month when Muslim are fasting a full month from dusk till dawn. There are still restaurants and shops that open so you can still buying and eating in public freely. However, be considerate to show your respect to the local tradition.

Padar Island, Komodo National Park’s Finest Diamond

As we all know, Komodo Islands have three famous large islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. Among the three, Padar is the third biggest island and not quite as popular as the other two until recently. Padar Island is mainly consisting of numerous hills and volcanic mountains. Some of the hills in Padar are taller than others in nearby islands so technically it has a better view of the ocean.

komodo national park flores

Even though Padar Island is a part of Komodo National Park, unfortunately there’s not a single Komodo inhabiting the island due to the broken food chain resulting in the extinction of every Komodo in the respective island. So, since it won’t be dangerous to roam the island Padar has become popular for trekking

Trekking in Padar Island can be quite challenging…

Because some of the hills are really steep, and even though the locals have built a path ascending to the top of Gili in order to help visitors, there’s no rope or railings for hand safety so trekkers will still need to be careful. And depending on the weather, the path can be slippery because of water or dust, wearing suitable outdoor shoes is definitely recommended on this matter.

padar island komodo trekking

Getting on top of Gili, the highest mountain in Padar can be really exhausting but once you arrive your hard work will definitely pay off. If you go there in the morning or noon, you can get a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding islands. But if you go there, especially in the evening, you can get an exceptional landscape of sunset on Padar Island.

Worry not, there’s plenty of ways to access Padar Island!

padar island

But you have to be wise in deciding how to go there since it can be really expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can go via land or air, but traveling on land is not recommended because it can be dangerous. As for the air route, you can take an airplane directly to Labuan Bajo airport from Jakarta or Denpasar. Some of the airlines that provide the flight are Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, and Batik Air.

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The cost of the ticket is around 1.4 million Rupiah, and you also have to take a speed boat to the island which costs 1.5 million Rupiah. And that’s before you get a place to stay, which you can get for 200k Rupiah as the cheapest price. If you don’t want to blow your budget too much you can join an open trip on Labuan Bajo, because the total cost is way cheaper.

Long story short, Padar Island can be a challenge to explore and get into but it definitely gonna be a thrilling experience for you who loves adventure. So are you up for the challenge?

Tips for buying Ubud Villas with a partner

For some people buying a property might be not as easy the other people could think of. Since it requires a lot of money, a house cannot be affordable for everyone. Anyway, one of the solutions is by splitting the bill. If your financial condition does not meet the lending criteria from the bank, why don’t you consider to take a co-ownership with a partner who could be your family member, a friend, or even your loved one? Especially in Bali, if you are a foreigner, this option could be the best thing to do, as a local partner can ease the process of purchasing the property such as Ubud Villas. But before taking further steps, you might be interested in some of these tips below.

Ubud Villas with a private pool

How to safely split the bill for Ubud villas?

Sharing the cost of owning Ubud villas with a partner can be a great way of having a way more affordable bill to pay. However, other questions are about to come as you decided to take this way. One of them will be: how to do it? There are actually two types of ownership that you can choose. First, it is called ‘joint tenants’, by which all the tenants have equal rights for the whole part of the real estate and the full rights will be given to one of them as the other passed away. The second option would be the ‘tenants in common’. This type of ownership enables the tenants to have different shares of the real estate and they can pass their share after their will. As the undesired things often happen, ‘tenants in common’ becomes a safer way when buying a property with one or more partners.

How to securely protect your money?

As everything in property business works under a set of laws, the process of owning Ubud Villas becomes a bit more complicated, especially for those who purchase it with a partner. However, one good thing about following those complicated rules is that you can also secure your rights legally. In this case, you should have a Declaration of Trust which clarifies the fair portion of both parties that share the property. This is a type of document that you should make at the time when you buy that property with your partner. You should also make sure that both of you stick to that declaration.

What should you do when the relationship or friendship ends?

Many possibilities may happen during the mortgage period of your Ubud villas. You may live happily with your partner or you may also fight with him or her. The worst case would be a situation in which it is not only the bill that splits, but you and your partner do, too. If this happens, try to discuss the best possible way of separating the portions with your partner and if it does not work anymore you should take it to a professional. Then, it is time to let a lawyer help you get your funds back along with its investment values. If both of you are deciding to leave the property, selling it and paying off the mortgage would be the best way after all. 

What You Should Know Before Having A Wildlife Travel

Having a trip to a national park is a good idea for your next travel plan. There are many things you gt to  enjoy in one place such as adventure, nature, and discovery. It is exhilarating to see how the wildlife in their natural lives. Every country has their own national parks or sanctuaries. You can visit one in your own country or another one in foreign countries. Even though they are similar parks, they have their own unique points. Thus, visiting national parks all over the world will give you different experience. 

What You Should Know Before Having A Wildlife Travel

Things to know of wildlife travel

A wildlife travel is exciting especially for those nature lovers and adventurous travelers. Being outside and in real nature can make you feel small and grateful at the same time. The world you have seen on daily basis is different from the thick forest where technology is not involved. However, there are also things you need to know and prepare before deciding to have a wildlife travel, such as.

Know the place you are going to

Proper research of the place you are going to visit is absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that national parks or sanctuaries are different from regular tourist attractions. You cannot visit national parks or sanctuaries any time. They are usually open for a certain periods in a year. You should find out first about the climate and the season in the park. Wildlife travel to national parks needs to be planned in advance at least two to three months prior.

Only bring the essentials 

What You Should Know Before Having A Wildlife Travel

Pack only necessities you are going to need for a wildlife travel. To make sure that you bring the right items, you can consider the season in the place you are going to visit. If you are planning to visit during winter, you may have to pack warmer and thicker clothes. Keep in mind that climate changes in forest tends to be constant. You don’t want to have a cold morning safari dressed in thin clothes. Thus, be prepared by researching the season will help you a lot with what you are going to pack.

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Know what you need for the trip

Before the trip to the forest, you should also pack your necessities. A bottled water is a must because you don’t want to get thirsty in the middle of the jungle. Drinking directly from the river or any other natural reservoir in the forest is not recommended. The water most likely to contain various germs and microorganism that can put your health at risk. It is also highly suggested to wear sunblock if you are visiting during hot weather. As for insect repellent, make sure to wear one with subtle scent/perfumes. 

Do not expect the wildlife as seen on TV

What You Should Know Before Having A Wildlife Travel

You may experience different kind of wildlife travel from what you watched on TV where people could easily spot animals everywhere. Sometimes, animals are hard to spot. They don’t always come out of their place. You have to be patient and don’t get disappointed so easily. It may takes few minutes to hours before you can see the wild animals lurking or running around. 

Learn Algarve Surf School is Perfect to Be A Pro

Surf school is not just for new comers who just start to learn about surfing. Beginners aside, both surf school is pretty much open for surfers of all levels and it’s one of the best place if you want to take your surfing skills to higher level. Surf camp is also perfect for someone who has spend some years riding waves triple overhead in size, but not yet familiar with the characteristic of surf spot at the destination. If you happen to come to Portugal and have staying at surf establishment at your head, consider to sign up at one of Algarve surf school.

Learn Algarve Surf School is Perfect to Be A Pro

Algarve is one of the best place to learn surfing in Portugal and it’s open for surf all year long. Surf school, on the other hand, is your dependable resource to get new insight and gain new skills. So if you want to be a better surfer, heading to Algarve surf school is no brainer. Here’s what you can learn there.  

Algarve Surf School Help to Improve Your Stability

You might have a few surf under your belt now, but how about your stability? Are you ready to tackle the big waves in more challenging destination like Mentawai or the Shipstern Bluff, Australia? To master the big waves, you need to work on your stability. Yoga is a wonderful support for that. This gentle work out train you to maintain stability and flexibility, and a lot of surf school in Algarve incorporate Yoga lessons on their programme! Know that it’s potentially dangerous to try Yoga alone as it could lead to injury and pain. Having an instructor who knows both yoga and surf would be great, especially when you aim to get more steadiness on the board. 

Learn Algarve Surf School is Perfect to Be A Pro

They Help to Train Your Breath

Tackling the big waves have to do a lot with regulated breathing. In large body of water, you need to be able to hold your breath for at least a minute. The surf instructor at the Algarve surf school will teach you to hold breath while maintaining balanced standing on the surf board. The big waves are untamed and you need to be ready for it. 

A Good Opportunity to Get Used on Balanced Diet

Any professional surfers know how important a balanced diet to master any type of waves. They know how that surfing after a belly full of steak won’t get you anywhere. Pro surfers try to keep their body light to help them navigating in big waves surfing. On the other hand, surf schools are known to serve tasty-yet-balanced meals everyday to their students. So this is a good opportunity to learn about balanced deals. Look at what Algarve surf school provide and try to recreate them later at home!

Learn Algarve Surf School is Perfect to Be A Pro

Algarve Surf School Teach You to Handle Whitewash

When you try to level up as advanced surfer, you will learn about whitewash. It’s annoying and dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it. Surfing at extreme sport would require you to handle  whitewash terribly lot. Whitewash can drag you around, up from down, for you don’t know how long. The professionals at Algarve surf school will let you know how to not resist the whitewash, how to get along with it safely, and how to return to safe zone.  

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They Teach You to Do Deep Duck Dive

Surfing with the big waves is quite different with regular beginner surfing. If you want to challenge the big waves, paddling to the perfect spot could be too challenging. You need to learn deep duck dive technique to arrive safely at where the waves are. 

Most Recommended Bucket Lists for Passionate Solo Travelers

Travelling around the world is one of the best dreams. It is easier said than done though. Especially when you are always surrounded with piled of works and responsibilities on daily basis. However, you can make your own bucket list and check them all when you can make time. Obviously, you cannot just spend your time working all day and night without a rest. Giving yourself time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation is worth it. It will make you return full of positive energy because all stress is left behind on your vacation. 

Top bucket lists for passionate solo travelers

Travelling solo is exciting because you can do whatever you like without worrying about what the others like. You don’t have to discuss anything. You can even go travelling without planning it thoroughly and just go with the flow. However, make sure to have your bucket list ready. Your passion of travelling should be fed properly. If you like travelling solo more than anything, here are most recommended destinations to go.

Most Recommended Bucket Lists for Passionate Solo Travelers


This place is the best for vacation. Marrakesh is a great city in Morocco where you can make the most of your vacation. There are many spots you can venture to such as magical gardens, market, palaces, and historical, elegant mosques. This is also a place where you can pursue inner peace to relieve some stress and retrieve positive energy. This is also favorite place to go for Muslim travelers because there are plenty of elegant, beautiful mosques to visit.  


It is also a great place for solo traveler who want to truly enjoy their time being alone. Copenhagen is a great spot to stay at during your vacation in this country. You can visit some reconstructed villages as well as the remains of 1,000 years old castle. If you are history enthusiast, visit some remarkable museums especially those which are dedicated to the notorious raiders in the past. The Round Tower Observatory is one of the most recommended spots to visit during your time in Denmark. 

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This is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. There are many aspects of tourism that make this country popular amongst international solo travelers. Its distinctive culture is just one aspect of many that mostly attract tourists. You can also join a festival of colored lanterns on every 14th day of each lunar month. You will see the sky is full of colorful lanterns. Hoi An is highly recommended spot to visit, not to mention that they have the best foods to enjoy during your travel. 


This particular country is full of wilderness. This is a great destination for passionate, adventurous solo traveler. You can also go for backpacking because the mood just fits perfectly. Nairobi is highly recommended spot to visit since it is energetic, modern city where you can make the most of your vacation. This place is where you can enjoy the wildlife as much as the nightlife. This city is lively and enjoyable for international visitors. 

Scuba Diving Vacations: What Beginners Have to Do

The combination of idyllic holiday destination, a handful of beach time, and wonderful aquatic life makes scuba diving vacations so appealing, even for beginners. Scuba is practically a holiday for true escapist. It’s where you can forget all the busyness of the upper world, packed roads, and crowded attractions. Scuba diving holiday take you to plunge into an entirely different world. A world of blue where you could only hear the sound of the waves and the bubbles. The world under where chromatic corals gets very lively with swarming fishes, pelagic, turtles, and other wild oceanic creatures. If you are a total newbie to this, don’t worry. Here’s how to do your very first scuba diving vacations. 

Scuba Diving Vacations: What Beginners Have to Do

Get your certification ready

Have you been enrolled on dive lesson prior to your dive vacation plan? To have a holiday under the water, you will at least need a Padi Scuba Diver certification. It’s a certification that give you permission to dive maximum 12 m depth with a mandatory companion from a dive master. However, you would want to have at least a Padi Open Water certification to play it safe. This certification allows you to dive in an open sea until maximum 18 meter depth. To dive deeper than 18 meters, you would need an Advanced Open Water Diver, but beginners rarely have this certification until they get a handful of dives under their belt. 

Don’t have any certificate yet? Join a try diving

Some people don’t have any prior knowledge of diving at all and they want to jump on diving holiday because of the alluring underwater pictures they see on Pinterest and blogs. If that’s you, it’s totally okay! All you need to do is contacting a local dive centre in your destination and join their try diving program. Try diving is absolutely perfect for beginners who want to have a scuba diving vacations. You can test the waters, get a grabs on how scuba diving work, and learn the basics. 

Find a scuba diving vacation for beginners with dive center

Being a beginner on diving holiday means you don’t have many experiences on arranging a scuba trip. Joining a scuba diving vacations arranged by a dive centre is the easiest way for beginners. Go online! There will be a lot of great dive centre on your destination. The dive centre will provide everything you need. You can get the try diving there, rent a gear, and get accompanied by dive master. They will also pick the right dive site that’s suitable for beginners like you!

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Rent most of the gears

It’s exciting to enter the new world of scuba diving but you need to hold off the temptation of buying everything right now. While it’s good to have wet suit and scuba mask that fit right to your body, other advanced gears can wait. Avoid buying something big like BCD, regulator, or dive computer until you get a handful of dives on your belt. Wait until you know what you’re looking on a gear. For a a beginner scuba diving vacations, renting the equipment from your dive centre will be enough. 

Brave Enough To Try Dark Tourism?

There is always new trend in tourism especially in global scale. There is always new interest between travelers who love travelling all around the world. One of the trends in global tourism is dark tourism. This term popped up after the Dark Tourist, one of Netflix shows gained popularity. Dark tourism is related to travel that has association with something tragic, eerie, disastrous, creepy, or taboo. There are also people who are a bit skeptical and wonder why interested in visiting such places. Well, the answer might not be too different from the reason why people watch horror or thriller movies. There’s such an adrenaline rush when you are faced with those darks vibes. 

Destinations for dark tourism

If you are also adrenaline junkies who happen to be a fan of travelling as well, dark tourism can be an exciting experience. As for those who are not fancy of those dark vibes and places, might as well avoid this type of travel because there is no guarantee what kind of effect you will experience. 

Ground Zero – New York City

This is where you can visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. This is a place to commemorate people who died on Sept 11, 2001, during terrorist attack. The twin towers is where the attack happened. It was the tallest building of the WTC in New York City at that time. It was also one of the most traumatizing events in the world especially in the United States history. You can visit the site where there are exhibits, documentary screenings, as well as tributes. 

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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is next destination for dark tourism located in Pripyat, Ukraine. This place has creepy vibe with its tragic story of the past. It was once a humble city. However, it became the place of the worst nuclear disaster in the history. This has become a ghost town since it has been abandoned in 1986. It was when the reactor number four exploded at the Chernobyl power plant. The atmosphere was filled with radioactivity, resulted in 30 deaths and more later on. There had been illness caused by the radiation and contamination. This city was reopened in 2011 but only visitor at age 18 above can visit. In this city, you will get to see a ghost town with its empty markets, apartments, restaurants, theaters, etc. the city was once occupied by 45,000 people. 

La Noira – Chile

It is a small, abandoned mining town nestled deep in the desert of the Northern Chile. In this mining town, you will get to see the scariest, creepiest cemeteries. It was once a humble town. However, it faced hardships in economy which made people living in it lived in miserable condition. There were various accidental deaths for adults as well as children. The dead were buried in a cemetery nearby. The creepiest thing is the shallow graves where you can clearly see the skeletal remains. The cemetery has become the top spot of dark tourism here because it gives off creepy, eerie, horror vibes. 

Indonesian Food for Buffet Catering Bali

Indonesian cuisine is just as diverse as the Indonesian people thanks to the hundreds of ethnicities, and therefore, the culture born with it. Thanks to the complex and rich traditional culture, the Indonesian food is a delight to explore. And a special occasion calls for special delicacies as well. If you’re curious about getting Indonesian food for your buffet catering Bali, read on. 

balinese food sate lilit

Why choose Indonesian food for your buffet catering Bali 

Once you’ve decided to hold an event: whether it’s a wedding reception, a conference, or a corporate event, why not specifically choose Indonesian food for your event? Indonesian food are loved and revered for their unique taste of rich spice mix. But aside from the distinct taste, the sheer variety of the dishes themselves make them great choices that yield to plentiful of options that won’t bore both hosts and guests alike. 

balinese cuisine ayam betutu catering

Buffet catering is an extremely popular choice among the locals 

If an Indonesian local has ever invited you to the comfort of their home or their parent’s, usually in the middle of a remote village, then you’ll find that rarely people serve plated meals. In Indonesia, buffet catering is the most popular choice for any kind of events. 

The Indonesians love buffet thanks to the highly social environment that buffet-format meal provides. It’s not rare to see Indonesian locals converse with each other as they’re getting their meals on the long buffet table. And this conversation would continue all the way to their seat or wherever they’ve decided to eat. Buffet catering allows them to be social, something highly embedded in the Indonesian culture.  

Some Indonesian food recommendation for your event catering 

Indonesian culinary scene is rich and notably diverse. So there are plenty of cuisine that you can pick from a variety of different options. Here are some of the most popular choices for buffet catering Bali: 

Indonesian sate lilit, sate ayam, or sate kambing? Your pick

A variety of satay: sate lilit (Balinese minced meat satay), sate ayam (chicken satay), sate kambing (lamb satay), you name it. The Indonesian love their satay. In various events in which the locals are the host, this dish is almost always present. This dish is highly versatile: the variety is wide. There are as many seasoning mixes are there are the types of satay. While often eaten with rice, more and more Indonesian catering have adapted this dish to be sort of a snack that can be eaten as you stand. This is perfect for parties or events that have a more casual feel to it. 

catering bali indonesian food

Buffet catering Bali: go local and get the best taste and the best deal 

Doing your research pays off. While Indonesian food catering is definitely available in abundance, you’ll be surprised that finding authentic ones require a bit more digging. You’ll find that businesses providing some of the most authentic Indonesian local dishes are mostly small warungs that also happen to do drop-off catering. So do your research to get the full-service catering that serve authentic Indonesian food that can cater to your event’s needs. 

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Finding a reputable and reliable catering Denpasar 

indonesian food catering

Since you’re going to hold your event in Bali anyway, getting a Balinese food for your buffet catering is always a good choice. Some of the best full-service caterer can be found in Denpasar, as the area is mostly occupied by locals. You’ll be able to find plenty of choices for Bali wedding catering packages by reputable catering services there. This is unlike that of south Bali that consists of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak, that are occupied mostly by foreign expatriates. You’ll be able to find wedding catering Bali that not only specializes in Balinese and Indonesian food, but also the unique experience of Indonesian atmosphere.